Why call a Divorce Busting® coach?

There are lots of good reasons to call a Divorce Busting® coach:

  1. Divorce Busting® coaches are marriage "die-hards."

    We get calls from people who have been in counseling for months or even years. They have found themselves spinning their wheels and often in worse shape than when they started off. Day after day, we hear horror stories about counselors who have announced people's marriages "dead on arrival" after just one session! We hear about well-meaning friends and relatives who encourage people to stop working on their marriages and go on with life. We know you might feel as if you're the only one in the world who believes your marriage is worth saving. If so, rest easy. Now, you're not alone. We're on your side.

    We believe in the sanctity of marriage and that the majority of divorces in our country are unnecessary. We're unabashed divorce busters. You'll never hear us tell you that you should just "move on, or get a life". We don't get discouraged when people tell us, "But my spouse said, "I love you but I'm not in love with you anymore," or "My spouse is having an affair and won't give it up." We see people and relationships change all the time. We know yours can too.

  2. Divorce Busting® coaches believe in skill-building.

    You aren't born knowing how to have great relationships; you have to learn how. We're convinced that most divorces happen because people simply don't have the skills to find their way out of trying and frustrating marital problems. Divorce Busting® coaches are experienced mental health professionals who can teach you the tools you need to improve communication and break free from hurtful relationship ruts. You'll become your own relationship expert!

  3. Divorce Busting® coaches adhere to the principles in the books, Divorce Busting and The Divorce Remedy by Michele Weiner-Davis.

    If you're not familiar with these books, you can start by reading the first chapters on this website. You will quickly discover why these books have become best-sellers. Michele's practical, effective, step-by-step program for revitalizing relationships has helped thousands of couples save their marriages. And to spread the word even further, Michele hand-picked and personally trained the Divorce Busting® coaches so that they could offer people one-on-one advice for applying her marriage-saving strategies. Although Michele recommends that you read her books at some point, you don't need to do so before calling your coach. The sooner you call, the more quickly you'll get things back on track. We know you're ready to put an end to your pain and start turning things around as soon as possible.

  4. Your call to a Divorce Busting® coach is strictly confidential and very convenient.

    Picking up a phone can be a whole lot more comfortable and private than walking into an office building for a face-to-face appointment. Plus, it's much more convenient too. You choose the time and date. You can be in your P.J.'s at home, in a dress or three piece suit at work, or you can call from your cell phone when you're on the run.

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