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Who are the Divorce Busting® Coaches?


Joann Sallmann

Hi, my name is Joann. I'm glad you're reading, "Who are the Divorce Busting® Coaches?" That tells me you are really serious about getting your marriage back on track. You probably have a lot of questions about coaching and you might even be wondering whether it's too late to save your marriage. I hope I can answer your questions and give you some hope.

Professionally, I am a clinical social worker. I have experience and training in marriage and family therapy and alcohol and drug use problems using a solution oriented approach. I have been married more than 45 years and have 3 grown children.

Many of the men and women who phone me feel their marriage situations are pretty bad. Their partners have filed for divorce or are thinking about it. They may have even moved out. There may be an affair looming. Their spouses might have said that they're not in love with them anymore. Or even worse, that they never loved them in the first place.

Any one of these things is a lot for one person to handle, not to mention any combination of them. Please don't think coaching is just for people experiencing only "minor" marriage problems. No matter how tough things might be, we can help you figure out a strategy to improve the situation, turn it around and/or help you deal with it better.

An added benefit of coaching is that it can help you feel better. When you go through serious marital problems, it can take a toll on your self-esteem, your health and the quality of your day-to-day living, no matter how self-confident you used to be. We can coach you through your personal struggles as you try to get back to who you really are or to the person you have always wanted to be.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach your marriage and personal goals.



Chuck Fallon

In a sea of discouragement, you've found DivorceBusting.com - an island of hope. You know that even though there are reasons to give up, you have some fight left in you. I'll stand with you in the worthy fight to save your marriage, and share my experience as a Divorce Busting® Coach. We'll talk about what works and about some common pitfalls. I'll encourage you to find the positives, affirm who you are, and help you engage your creativity as you search out solutions.

I'm Chuck, a professional counselor, and I have been a Divorce Busting® Coach since 2004. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of people who have had great courage and determination. They have taken a hard look at themselves, reached deep and dared to be more - more authentic, more engaged, more alive. Using Divorce Busting® strategies, many were able to make a compelling case for their marriage that lead to reconciliation.

I met Michele at an Advanced Divorce Busting® training many years ago, and found her approach so practical and focused. It complemented my graduate degree from Colorado Christian University, and fueled my passion to help courageous people like you save your marriage.

My wife and I have been married for over 30 years and together have raised three great sons. We use the same skill-based principles to build a healthy marriage that I encourage you to try.

If you're looking for insights & encouragement, let's talk.



Laurie Chaplin

I received a Masters degree in counseling at South Dakota State University in 1996. When I first attended Michele's Advanced Divorce Busting® training years ago, her message that anyone can make powerful personal and relationship changes using solution-oriented, Divorce Busting® strategies clearly resonated with me. This approach has been the main basis of my work ever since. I have now been working as a Divorce Busting® Relationship Coach since 2002 and after countless success stories, I am even more convinced than ever that Divorce Busting® works!

As a Divorce Busting® Relationship Coach, my job is to show you how you can create positive change. I help you clarify your individual and relationship goals, brainstorm creative actions -steps you can take to achieve those goals, and encourage you as you move toward solutions, fine-tuning your steps along the way.

People I work with tell me they appreciate developing clear, short-term goals because it keeps them focused. They also find it very helpful to learn what to do and not to do in order to be successful reaching their goals. They value getting objective guidance from someone who carries no emotional loyalties and who has experience working with couples in crisis. Some simply appreciate the support they get, as they may not have anyone else who believes in their cause to fight for their marriage.

I have experienced 29 years of a great marriage and have three amazing children. During these years, I've learned what works and what doesn't in my own relationship. That has not always been easy to figure out, however. There have been times when my husband and I have really taken each other for granted and have felt quite distant. That's when I geared up the solution-oriented process in our own marriage, and it has kept us on track and enriched our lives. The reality is we all have relationship ups and downs from time to time. That's real life. In my counseling practice and mentoring involvement with couples, I've seen relationships characterized by feelings of intense warmth and passion all the way to extreme pain and anger. I've learned that most couples - no matter where their relationship falls on this continuum - strongly desire a good marriage and want to make their relationship better.



Amanda Deverich

I often say, "You can do forever, just not like this."

If we work together, you should know a few things about me. I am a hope junkie and that is why I am honored to be a part of the Divorce Busting® team. I love a happy ending- that can happen! I will work patiently and with purpose to help make things better. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a graduate degree from The College of William & Mary. Using Michele's techniques I witness near miraculous change in relationships that were distant, angry, and seemingly "over."

Like Michele, I learned early in life that divorce is not necessarily a good thing. My father married three times. I noticed that after each divorce it never got better; it just got different leaving a wake of destruction behind. My mother and step-father remained married, but struggled at times without help. As a result of these early experiences, I never intended to marry. Then I met my husband and never intended to divorce.

Soon the reality of married life became hard. Sheer dedication and determination were not enough. I sought help. Two individual counselors told me to leave my husband. I left my counselors. We did not divorce. We stayed together through moves, job transitions, periods of extreme emotional distance, and the addition of two daughters. My husband passed away in 2006.

I am thankful for the hard work I chose in staying together. That was my personal choice and it was difficult at times, but deeply rewarding. I do not pretend to know if a person should or should not stay married. That is an individual decision. Yet I do believe every person should pursue their marriage vows to the best of their ability- not for the sake of a spoken promise, but to reap the rewards of breaking through to the other side of problem.

Staying married can be hard work and I hope to help. Having learned better ways of relating, cherishing, and solving problems, you and your partner can live together in a "forever you can do."



Laurie Chaplin

My name is Leni.  I received a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University in 1984. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and a clinical member of AAMFT. I have years of experience both as a therapist and a professor. I am also bilingual in English and Spanish.

I have been married for more than 33 years and we have been blessed with two children. Our family has not been immune to life’s crucibles, but because of them we are stronger. The bonds that hold our family together are commitment and love. I believe that marriage is sacred and it is the firm foundation upon which families are built. Families in turn are the pillars that hold society together.

No relationship comes with a guarantee of immunity to heartaches and problems.  We live in a disposable society, and unfortunately, this concept has extended to the institution of marriage. Michele’s solution-based approach gives hope to those of you who are committed to saving your marriage. The great majority of marital problems are solvable—people can and do change. And, the most influential person to bring about change in your relationship is you. Within each of us is the strength and resources to solve our personal problems.

Through Michele’s books and her seminars, I learned first hand of her passion and commitment to saving marriages.  I am thrilled and honored to be a Divorce Busting Coach.  I will help you find clarity in your situation and offer suggestions using Divorce Busting marriage saving strategies.  Together we will come up with an action plan that maximizes on your strengths and values.



Amanda Deverich

You have taken a very big step in picking up the phone to talk with a Divorce Busting Coach. Seeking help demonstrates considerable courage, strength and a strong commitment to your marriage. I truly admire that and am honored to help you make the necessary changes to achieve a happier, more loving relationship. Although you may not be feeling this right now, I want you to know that there is so much one person can do in a relationship to effect change for the better. As a Divorce Busting Coach, I will help you to identify your goals, strengthen your relationship skills, change unwanted behaviors and learn how to interact with your partner in new ways to quickly bring about positive results.

I am positive that you have been able to achieve many successes in your personal life and these skills are often transferable to your marriage. I will help you realize your strengths and capabilities and show you how you can apply these to solving your marriage problems along with teaching you very specific techniques to get you and your partner back on track.

I have been a Clinical Social Worker for the past 30 years. I have worked with individuals and couples struggling with a variety of relationship issues such as, communication breakdown, conflicts and arguments, hurts and resentments, disagreements, intimacy/sexual problems, extramarital affairs, financial disagreements and more.

I have also been married for 30 years. Having gone through many ups and downs through the years, I can truly say that we continue to grow stronger as a couple every year. We've worked hard (not always at the same time) and hung in there in both good times and hard times and are so happy that we did. I've learned a lot in my marriage and find it useful to combine these life skills with my professional skills to help my clients.

Every couple is unique in their own way and the coaching I provide is tailored to your specific needs and goals. I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve a more fulfilling and successful marriage.



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