Q&A with Michele Weiner-Davis: Wife Wants Out

{Podcast 3}

Michele Weiner-Davis Q&A – Wife Wants Out (ep003)

Michele Weiner-Davis gives advice on what to do when your spouse announces that they want a divorce. Often the strategies we try to win our spouse back will end up backfiring. Weiner-Davis gives insight on her famed “last resort technique” and how it can help to salvage your marriage.

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About mwd27

Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW is an internationally renowned relationship expert, best-selling author, marriage therapist, and professional speaker who specializes in helping people change their lives and improve important relationships. Among the first in her field to courageously speak out about the pitfalls of unnecessary divorce, Michele has been active in spearheading the now popular movement urging couples to make their marriages work and keep their families together. She is the author of seven books including her best-selling books, DIVORCE BUSTING: A Step-by-Step Approach to Making Your Marriage Loving Again, and THE SEX-STARVED MARRIAGE: A Couple's Guide to Boosting Their Marriage Libido. Michele's work has been featured in major newspapers such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, and magazines such as Time, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Woman's Day, Men's Health, New Woman, and McCall's. Michele is a marriage expert on Redbook's advisory board, ClubMom.com and iVillage.com. She has made countless media appearances on shows such as Oprah, 48 Hours, 20/20, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News, CNN, and Bill O'Reilly. Michele's Keeping Love Alive program aired on PBS stations nationwide. She recently completed a reality based show for the BBC about helping couples save their marriages. Michele maintains that her true expertise in helping couples have great relationships is derived from first-hand experience. She and her husband have been married for more than thirty years.
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  • http://questionsandanswers Ben

    This was a very inspirational video to me in some ways,But i have to ask i have been kicked out for 4 months now separated with little to no contact. She hasnt filed for a divorce or taken any steps yet she says she is but dont have the money for it . She talks to a mutual friend that she tells her she dont really want a broken home for the kids she dont want to have another broken marriage in the family and that she does miss me but she acts cold to me doesnt open up at all to me , she even sees the changes and likes them but resents them and she is afraid that they wont last..
    I can not get through to her at all she is totally resistant to me on working things out and says she is done .. How do you get around them walls , its almost like she is in a midlife crisis at age 26 .. we have 2 kids ages 4 and 9 months been together for 10 years married 7 of them … She just blew up one day coming home and since then it went from loving to almost like hate and nothing i do seems to make her happy even if its something good..
    Is there hope after this much time apart or is there nothing i can do at this point ???

  • http://www.divorcebusting.com mwd27

    Your situation is very, very common. You should start by reading the first chapter of Divorce Remedy on my website http://www.divorcebusting.com. Then you should definitely speak to a Divorce Busting coach who will help you figure out a plan. You certainly don’t want to make things worse! Call 800-664-2435 for information about availability and fees. Do not panic. It is not too late. There certainly is hope if you have a good plan.
    Hang in there, Michele

  • ben

    Im not so sure the mutual friend talked with the wife tonight im not even sure what to make of this , its either crazy or she is trying to let things die down easy or something , tell me this is common cause it dont seem to be ..
    The wife told her that she is still going to go through with the divorce cause to her in her mind its the only way to let the past go to start fresh and new and hopefully with me and for our childrens sake it be with me , this is what she said but she isnt saying yes or no or maybe just that she needs it in a way to end the chapter from the past and start a new one , said she dont want another man and she dont want to bring in new people into our kids lives and she hopes with doing this she can start new HOPEFULLY with me , and for the kids sake as well.. This to me dont seem to make any sense at all cause its like she thinks a peice of paper will take away the pains of the past and that dont make no sense to me at all .. Now im going to try to see about this coaching online thing but im also in a bad state and work and finaces are tough right now for me and i dont no if i can afford it :(

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