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  • Donna Found

    Dear Michele:

    First of all, THANK YOU for the work that you do, and for providing your books and online community to the world. I will be forever grateful.

    Now, although I can’t say that I am a “success story” as far as saving my marriage was concerned, I am a success in that my LIFE was saved. And you are a big part of that. I still believe in marriage and keeping a family together, but I also see how your program allows individuals to grow, heal and come out of this very challenging time in our lives a better person, regardless of the marriage outcome. If we are fortunate and our spouses are willing to see our changes, our marriages can be renewed. If not, we are still in a better place – a win-win situation.

    Thank you…I am looking forward to your thoughts on the blog.


  • mwd27

    Thanks for your kind response, Donna. I am really happy that you have found my work helpful. It sounds like whether your marriage can get back on track or not, you have landed on your feet. You sound like an incredible woman, so I’m not surprised. Thanks for taking the time to write and come back to visit!


  • Henry

    I have been with my wife for 25 years we have two children together , I have one from another relationship and she had two from other relationships. over the years my wife spending habits have gotten us deep in debt a number of times and I stuck it out with her. about eight years ago my wife left a job she was on for a number of years because they did not give her enough work to do. I told her keep the job if that’s what they want you there for, she quit the job and started her menopause life. she lost a number of jobs due to her mouth which she will unload in a flash, she also gained weight which was not a problem for me because she gain the weight having my children. our sex life has become a real bore, I told her this but nothing registers, every time i ask her to sneak off in house for a quickie show would say no. she changed her career to become and med tech. my wife would come in from this job barley able to walk and would strike out at me when she would lay down saying her legs and body hurt. this jobs has had her in the hospital three time with chest pains i would go to pick her up and would have to sit in the hospital while they ran all kinds of tests and found nothing, during this time i was forcefully retired form my job
    and the company i worked for refused my request for unemployment. I had to use my retirement money to keep
    my family out of the street which ran out. our sex life is down to corpse banging every to months. i have had an on going problem with my wife and her mouth, she will say anything hurtful she can think of because she says her parents accused of everything and she had to defend her self, no matter what i asked my wife it always turns into a pissing match and tit for tat, I tell her she is hurting me she says i do the same, i try and talk with her and she looks away which ticks me off and she know this which causes my temper to go, and I start kicking things doors
    walls so not to hit her. I have tried talking to our pastor
    did no good but my wife is in church more than she is home. I tried seeing couceling but she got an attiude and did not want to go back. she says I always say I am going to do something but never follow thru our last fight i told her if she was unhappy leave she said she was not going anywhere and I had her removed by the police. now she says she is never coming back and I feel like I just wasted 25 years of my life

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