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Spouse Still Has Feelings For Affair Partner [Video]

In today’s video, I explain what to do if you’re a spouse who has committed an act of infidelity and you still have feelings for the affair partner. Although this is a very challenging situation, expecting your feelings to simply … Continue reading

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No Stone Unturned

Marriage saving tips for leaving no stone unturned Continue reading

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How Long Does it Take to Save or Improve Your Marriage?

While it is true that some people do experience immediate changes in their relationships, it’s also true that, in most marriages, change takes much longer.  How much longer? It depends on many factors: the severity of the problems, personalities of … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Spouse Want to Change

You can trigger positive change by behaving positively toward your spouse.  What do you need to do that will make your spouse feel more loving toward you and, therefore, want to go out of his/her way to please you? If … Continue reading

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