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"I just wanted to let you know I had a telephone consultation last night! It was wonderful! I think it is the best money I have spent since my husband walked away 5 months ago!"
- LK from South Dakota

Is your marriage on the rocks? Don't panic. Even if your spouse said it's over, there's much that you can do to turn things around. Help is on the way. Here are a few immediate suggestions.

  1. Take a deep breath.

    We know this is the most difficult time in your life, but we are going to help you come up with a plan to save your marriage and feel better right away. Divorce Busting® coaching is for you if:

    • Your marriage is in trouble and you want to feel closer to your spouse.
    • You are on the brink of divorce, or even in the midst of divorce proceedings.
    • You and your spouse live under one roof but are emotionally disconnected.
    • You're currently separated and may have little contact with your spouse.
    • There has been infidelity and/or an emotional affair.
    • You frequently have the same old arguments about sex, money, communication styles, parenting, step-families, extended family, friends, how free time is spent, religion, and so on.
    • Your spouse has made it clear that she or he will NOT get help your marriage
  2. Stop pressuring your spouse to work on your marriage.

    It's natural to try to persuade your spouse to stop being so pessimistic about your marriage and to commit to working things out. However, you've probably noticed that the more you've tried to convince your spouse that your marriage is worth saving, the more your efforts have backfired. So, the first thing you need to do is to stop lecturing, pleading, crying, or pressuring, sending flowers, cards or heart-felt letters. You're actually pushing your spouse out the door!

  3. Know there's a more productive way to get through to your spouse.

    People who are successful in life, don't work harder, they work smarter. It's not that you haven't been trying hard enough; it's just that you haven't been doing the right things to get through to your spouse. Your Divorce Busting® coach will help you figure out exactly what you need to do or say differently to get things back on track. Plus, Divorce Busting® coaching is effective even if your spouse won't participate. The coaching is for you. You don't need to ask your spouse to speak to your coach. By changing your approach, you will learn how to improve your relationship without his/her joining in. I, at some later datee your spouse changes his or her mind, that's fine too. You coach will help you figure out the best way to avoid divorce and solve marriage problems.

  4. Don't waste any more time, call 800-664-2435 or 303-444-7004 to schedule an appointment. International callers should call 303-444-7004.

    Every day that passes with hurt and anger is another wasted day of your life. Take the energy you've been wasting feeling hurt, devastated and dead inside and start fighting for your marriage today!

But please, whatever ever you do, read this testimonial. We get letters like this all the time. Hopefully, the next one will be yours!

Dear Michele,

At the end of December 2009, I heard those dreaded words, " I love you, but I am not in love with you anymore." While I knew that things were not great between us, nothing could have prepared me to hear that after 21 years of marriage and 26 years together. A few weeks later, I realized that my husband had gotten himself a new, younger girlfriend and was planning a new life with her and her young child. I was crushed and our kids were furious with their father and worried what would happen to our family. The mid-life crisis had hit our home and it was ugly for me, our kids, and my husband's entire family because the other woman was related by marriage!

At first, all I could feel was fury at him and the other woman as she knew we were married and did not care because she had wanted him for a very long time. I did all of the wrong things. I carried on with anger, cried all of the time and acted like a total victim which is truly not my nature. I knew he felt some guilt, but my actions were pushing him away and into her arms. Someone recommended Michele's book, "Divorce Busting". I ran to the library and got it out right away and read it cover to cover one night. It gave me hope and for the first time I felt like maybe I could turn things around even though my husband told me he was done with no chance of changing his mind.

That is when I contacted Divorce Busters directly began my discussions with Jody. You will not find a kinder, more compassionate staff than Michele's. They were quick to respond and gave me hope when I felt like I was truly losing the battle for my marriage.

As good as the book is, the one to one counseling is even better. Jody was able to direct my energies into more productive strategies that really helped me turn things around. During each session, she listened to what steps I took, what results I received, and how to make changes that would get me to my goal of regaining my formerly happy marriage. There were days I wanted to throw in the towel and or kill him because he was not responding fast enough for me. That is when I went back to the books, and Jody's tips to keep going. I also tried not to take 'bad' days personally. I would take note of what I did that day to possibly bring on a less than positive result and made changes. It was kind of like my personal marriage laboratory!

Finally, this fall, he let go of the other woman and fully recommitted to our marriage. My husband tells me how much he loves me, and how glad he is that I fought for our marriage. Our kids have forgiven him and this year's Christmas was wonderful and we were a happy family. I have gone on to read all of Michele's books because they are terrific and so helpful with all of my relationships both personal and work related. They are all underlined and highlighted to death and I refer back to them often. I recommend her books and her phone counseling to everyone! Thanks again Michele and Jody for helping me to save my marriage! :-)

Sarah Gibbons, Maine

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