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Seminars for Congregations

Michele is frequently invited by churches of various denominations and synagogues to offer seminars for couples and inspire them to make marriage a number one commitment in their lives. Although secular in content, Michele's teachings are highly consistent with Judeo-Christian ethics and principles. Beyond delivering motivational and passionate speeches, Michele teaches people how to build on relationship strengths and end unproductive and hurtful ways of interacting. Couples leave Michele's workshops feeling a renewed sense of hopefulness and excitement about making their marriages the best they can possibly be. Additionally, Michele is a gifted speaker who educates, entertains and touches people's hearts.

The Keeping Love Alive® Seminar

Keeping Love Alive® is Michele's popular seminar for couples in which she teaches the nuts and bolts of making relationships work- breaking out of typical relationship ruts, building on relationship strengths, improving verbal and non-verbal communication skills discovering each spouses' real needs and desires, learning ways to short-circuit arguing and the hurtful "cold wars" that follow, and finding forgiveness. Her message is down-to-earth, psychobabble-free, and incredibly informative. The skills taught in this seminar are so practical, that attendance should be mandatory for anyone in a relationship. This seminar is a huge hit with women and men alike. Even those teetering on the brink of divorce find this seminar extremely helpful, including people whose spouses refuse to attend. This Seminar has a flexible format; it can be offered in a one-hour keynote or a one-day or two-day seminar.

Divorce Busting®

This seminar is similar to Michele's Keeping Love Alive® seminar, but it is geared toward couples whose marriages are in severe turmoil and who are seriously considering divorce. In addition to teaching couples the skills necessary to making any marriage work, Michele discusses how couples can overcome problems associated with infidelity, the feeling that one spouse has "fallen out of love," sexual problems and other challenging relationship issues. This is a one-day seminar.

Our Relationship Would Be Easy If It Weren't For You

This entertaining workshop offers individuals or couples several down-to-earth, easy-to-implement tips for getting through to their spouses without nagging, complaining or getting frustrated. It helps people to identify when we become our own biggest obstacles to creating positive changes in marriage.

The Sex-Starved Marriage

A sexual desire gap occurs in one out of every three marriages. This can spell trouble for couples. Beyond the usual, "build your emotional foundation and your sexual relationship will improve" advice, what can couples do to help bridge this ever-widening gap? This workshop will teach couples skills to talk about sexual issues and find real solutions to these problems.

Healing from Infidelity

Although estimates about infidelity vary from study to study, there is no question that this is a very real and prevalent problem. Since Michele strongly believes that infidelity does not have to be a marital death sentence, she teaches couples, step-by-step, how to heal in its aftermath.

Comments about Michele's work:

"Michele Weiner-Davis delivers a swift kick to I'm-a-victim thinking, and she also gives us very practical ways to discover the solution within ourselves- solutions we can sink our teeth into. Her methods have been very helpful in my own life."
—Gary Smalley

"What a blessing this book is (Divorce Busting). It will bring peace where there is conflict, happiness where there is pain."
—Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

"While not "religious" in content, I found her teaching to be entirely in keeping with the Judeo-Christian ethic with respect to the primacy and permanence of the marriage vow. Her optimism and enthusiasm for improving any marriage is contagious. More refreshing still was the occasional referencing of her own "real life" thirty year intact marriage to her.....first husband. Here is a woman that actually is living out the principals she teaches."
—William Toguchi, Wing Chaplain

"Full of practical solutions to life's dilemmas. Everyone will benefit from reading it."
—Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

Comments from Attendees

"The only reason I came to this conference- I travel quite far- was to see Michele Weiner-Davis. I took every workshop she offered. She's great! I'll do it again next year!"

"This Advanced 3-Day program is by far the most useful seminar I've ever attended. It has been such a pleasure to have gotten my money's worth - plus! Above and beyond the Divorce Busting® aspects, this workshop has given me confidence in my approach to relationship counseling."

"The workshop was such a meaningful time for me! I felt so validated as a therapist - both by the solution-oriented model and by the feedback of others who wrestle with the same dilemmas that I do. Thanks for creating a safe place for this to happen."

"Thank you for a wonderful, stimulating week. I appreciated your being so clear, well-organized and on task. Now that I am back home and ready to get back to work, I am looking over the materials you gave us. I am excited again and eager to apply these new ideas with my clients."

"I really enjoyed the workshop and have started incorporating many of the new techniques. Even though it's only been one month since the workshop, I'm already having more fun and more success as I work."

"Michele's energy is electric and contagious!"

"The practical, "hands-on" approach - particularly dealing with impasse and affair situations - is enormously helpful and hopeful!"

"This workshop gave me new ideas to use on my clients and also to help in my own marriage."

"I'm now empowered with new confidence in my ability to help couples mend their marriages."

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