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Research shows that the most significant cause of absenteeism, tardiness, high turnover rates, and lack of productivity are marriage and family problems. When people feel stressed due to relationship problems, they can not apply themselves at work. They are worried, worn out and emotionally drained. Their minds wander. They feel depleted. Depression and substance abuse problems are often a side-effect of the stress caused by unchecked family problems. Because of this, every savvy company should provide an effective relationship skill-building training program for their employees. It will help them solve relationship difficulties both at home and at work. It will boost morale, increase productivity and help people feel more dedicated to their jobs.

Michele is the developer of an exquisitely simple, psychobabble-free, pragmatic and highly effective problem-solving method that assists people in finding immediate solutions to life's many problems- both in and out of work. She's convinced that we spend far too much time dissecting the causes of problems and not nearly enough time finding solutions. Her seminars teach people how to apply her strategies for change in order to trigger immediate improvements in both work and personal relationships.

Work Would Be Great If It Weren't for You

Business is all about relationships. Successful business is about successful relationships. Many problems at work can be distilled down to miscommunication, misunderstanding, mismatched personality styles, bruised egos and stale problem-solving methods. Blame and counter blame runs rampant. However, when people learn tools to "think outside the box" in regards to work-related conundrums, they begin to see relationship problem-solving as a creative, even enjoyable challenge rather than an enervating chore.

This popular seminar draws on over two decades of Michele's unique experience in helping people create successful relationships. Michele teaches the fundamentals of communication and interpersonal dynamics and offers participants a simply step-by-step program for improving all types of relationships in their lives. She teaches:

  • It takes one to tango- how one person can effect change single-handedly
  • How to be very clear about relationship-oriented goals
  • What to try first
  • How to identify small signs of change
  • Impasse busting
  • How to maintain positive relationship changes
  • What to do when nothing else works

This seminar is a huge hit with women and men alike. Her message is down-to-earth, hands-on, incredibly informative, entertaining, and motivational. The skills taught in this seminar are so practical, that attendance should be mandatory.

Guerrilla Communication Skills

Let's face it. Reflective Listening and I-Messages go a long way to increase understanding and collaboration. But sometimes, for a variety of reasons, generic communication tools just don't seem to get the job done. That's when it's time to employ methods of communication that almost hypnotically lower resistance, increase cooperation, improve attitudes, and go a long way to enhance the overall work environment.

Doing More of What Works

In life, you need to follow a simple formula- do more of what works, less of what doesn't. On the surface of things, this is fairly obvious. However, in reality, when people experience conflict with co-workers, supervisors and subordinates, or they find themselves going in circles personally, they generally fail to notice that they're simply doing more of what hasn't been working. This seminar teaches people to identify patterns of their own behavior and thinking that are productive, so they can expand upon them. It also helps people to assess patterns of behavior and thinking that are self-defeating so they can quit doing what doesn't work and put energy into developing new and more effective strategies.

Personal Coaching

Because smart companies recognize the importance of employees' mental, physical and spiritual health, many are hiring personal coaches to help people feel good about themselves and live up to their potential. Coaching is not therapy. There is no diagnosis, no rehashing the past, no analyzing things to death. Instead, coaches help people identify what they really want out of life, love, and their jobs. Michele's coaching techniques are extremely "solution oriented" and motivational. Coaches assist people in defining their dreams and help them outline a specific plan of action to accomplish these dreams. If there are obstacles along the way, you will be helped to develop effective strategies for overcoming them. Coaches are also cheerleaders, supporting and encouraging each step forward and firmly guiding you back on track if there is a setback.

Whether you and/or your staff are interested in achieving professional goals such as becoming more productive and effective at work, increasing your income, brainstorming new career directions, getting along better with co-workers, or achieving personal goals such as weight loss, relief from depression, improved self-esteem, finding a life partner, getting along better with friends and family and creating more balance in life, personal coaching with Michele and her associates is a solution you should definitely consider.

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Comments about Michele's work

"This book (Change Your Life and Everyone In It) spreads hope- reminding us that vision is greater than baggage, that effective people are opportunity-minded, not problem-minded. Michele Weiner-Davis will restore your faith in your own instincts and resourcefulness."
— Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"This book (Change Your Life and Everyone In It) is about giving up ineffective methods of problem-solving and finding effective ones. It is concise, easy to read, and full of practical solutions to life's dilemmas. Everyone will benefit from reading it."
— Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

"I'm a CEO for one of America's largest companies. After working personally with Michele, I have arranged for several key colleagues to attend private relationship-building sessions. The insights I gained and the techniques I learned are invaluable to me both professionally and personally. Plus, she's just darned pleasant to be with."

"Thank you for a wonderful, stimulating week. I appreciated your being so clear, well organized and on task. Now that I am back home and ready to get back to work, I am looking over the materials you gave us. I am excited again and anxious to apply these new ideas with my clients."

"I really enjoyed the workshop and have started incorporating many of the new techniques. Even though it's only been one month since the workshop, I'm already having more fun and more success as I work."

"Michele's energy is electric and contagious!"

"The practical, "hands-on" approach - particularly dealing with impasse and affair situations - is enormously helpful and hopeful!"

"This workshop gave me new ideas to use on my clients and also to help in my own marriage."

"Michele's down-to-earth style is very comfortable. This workshop is well organized, focused, and packed with specific tools that I will use to become me more effective with my clients."


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