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Seminars for mental health professionals, clergy and lay individuals who work with couples

For two decades, Michele has been a sought-after speaker for professional organizations, universities, training institutes, mental health centers, social service agencies, private practices, and the military. As a contributor to the development of the Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy model, Michele has been teaching this strengths-based, goal-oriented therapy since the early eighties. Michele incorporated this strengths-based model into her unique "Divorce Busting" approach with couples, and has been teaching professionals around the world the techniques that help stack the deck in the favor of marriage. Michele believes that there is much that skilled clinicians and clergy can do to restore hope, love and passion in marriages that teeter on the brink of divorce. Each of her highly-rated seminars offers hands-on training and leaves people eager to try out their new skills. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Virginia, her assistant, at 800-664-2435, or email her at


The Sex-Starved Marriage

A sexual desire gap occurs in one out of every three marriages. This can spell trouble for couples. Beyond the usual "build your emotional foundation and your sexual relationship will improve" advice, what can therapists/clergy do to help couples bridge this ever-widening gap? This workshop will teach clinicians skills to talk about sexual issues and help couples find solutions to these problems.

Healing from Infidelity

Although estimates about infidelity vary from study to study, it is incumbent upon anyone working with couples to have tools to deal with this very real and prevalent problem. Since Michele believes that infidelity does not have to be a marital death sentence, she teaches professionals a step-by-step approach to walking couples through the process of healing in its aftermath.

Divorce Busting®: Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy with Couples

This one or two-day seminar is geared toward professionals who are relatively new to the Divorce Busting® model. It offers a thorough description of the basic principles underlying the model and a clear explanation of how to translate theory into practice in work with couples. Michele makes extensive use of video to illustrate her work. The emphasis of the seminar is on concrete skill-building.

Putting the 'Marriage' Back into Marriage Therapy: A 3-Day Advanced Divorce Busting®

This seminar is for people who are familiar with Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy and wish to learn skills that go beyond the model to help couples improve their marriages. It emphasizes what professionals can do to work through highly problematic situations such as infidelity, incessant blaming, sexual problems and the unmotivated spouse. Additionally, this seminar incorporates Michele's latest work in the field of marriage education and demonstrates how professionals can utilize relationship skill-building within the context of Solution-Oriented Therapy. Interesting and engaging lectures, countless videos and small group role play and interaction make this Michele's favorite seminar. Register on-line for the next 3-Day seminar!

It Takes One to Tango: Couples Therapy with Individuals

It is often the case that one spouse is more motivated to work on the marriage. There is much that therapists can do to help people improve these relationships even if only one spouse is interested! This seminar teaches clinicians and clergy how to make the most out of these sessions and help the interested spouse effect genuine relationship change singlehandedly. This is a one-day seminar.

The Short Road to Change

If your agency is interested in learning a strengths-based, goal-oriented short term therapy approach to working with individuals, couples and families, this is the workshop that will meet your needs. Michele highlights the basic assumptions underlying this Erickson approach and then translates theory into action. She draws on her nine-year experience in working at a social service agency to offer lively case illustrations and video examples. This workshop is for people new to the Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy model.

Keeping Love Alive®

Professional organizations often ask Michele to stay an extra day after she trains clinicians to offer this seminar to the general public. Keeping Love Alive® is Michele's popular one-day seminar for couples. In this seminar, Michele teaches the nuts and bolts of making relationships work. Her message is down-to-earth, psychobabble-free, and incredibly informative and motivational. The skills taught in this seminar are so practical and universal, attendance should be mandatory for anyone in a relationship. In fact, audiences typically include dating and engaged couples, newlyweds, veteran marrieds and co-habiting couples of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds and races. Keeping Love Alive® is designed to be effective with good marriages, good enough marriages and marriages in crisis. Unlike other relationship seminars that require the participation of both spouses, Keeping Love Alive® is helpful even if only one spouse attends.

Keeping Love Alive® Leadership Program

Learn more about how you can offer a marriage education class based on Michele Weiner-Davis' Keeping Love Alive® program.

Comments about Michele's work

"Michele Weiner Davis does a fantastic job of empathizing with and enlightening both partners in the sex-starved marriage. She highlights key issues and offers great tips for moving beyond the tragic stalemate in which so many partners find themselves."
—Dr. Laura Berman, co-author of For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex Life

"I love this book. It is the antidote to the distance spouses feel when differences in sexual desire wreak havoc in their marriages. Discover the road back to true intimacy and connection."
—Dr. Gary Smalley, author of Love is a Decision

"I am tremendously impressed with Weiner Dais's profound understanding of the sexual and relational quagmires so many couples fall into with their misconceptions. This book will definitely help the readers to understand their own feelings, needs, and responses. But even more importantly, it will help them understand the role of sexual intimacy in keeping marriages strong."
— Dr. Laura Schlessinger, author of Ten Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationships

From Publishers Weekly

Author (The Divorce Remedy), therapist and Oprah regular Davis offers a frank and reassuring guide for couples struggling with the "desire doldrums… Unfortunately, libidos are rarely equal; most marriages have a low-desire spouse and a high-desire spouse. Davis offers advice for both, bolstered by numerous examples of how that advice has worked for couples she's encountered during her two decades as a marriage counselor. … Her "field-tested" tips are sensible rather than earth-shattering…-but in the hard-to-talk-about realm of sex, very welcome indeed.

Comments from Attendees

"The only reason I came to this conference- I travel quite far- was to see Michele Weiner-Davis. I took every workshop she offered. She's great! I'll do it again next year!"

"This Advanced 3-Day program is by far the most useful seminar I've ever attended. It has been such a pleasure to have gotten my money's worth - plus! Above and beyond the Divorce Busting® aspects, this workshop has given me confidence in my approach to relationship counseling."

"The workshop was such a meaningful time for me! I felt so validated as a therapist - both by the solution-oriented model and by the feedback of others who wrestle with the same dilemmas that I do. Thanks for creating a safe place for this to happen."

"Thank you for a wonderful, stimulating week. I appreciated your being so clear, well-organized and on task. Now that I am back home and ready to get back to work, I am looking over the materials you gave us. I am excited again and eager to apply these new ideas with my clients."

"I really enjoyed the workshop and have started incorporating many of the new techniques. Even though it's only been one month since the workshop, I'm already having more fun and more success as I work."

"Michele's energy is electric and contagious!"

"The practical, "hands-on" approach - particularly dealing with impasse and affair situations - is enormously helpful and hopeful!"

"This workshop gave me new ideas to use on my clients and also to help in my own marriage."

"I'm now empowered with new confidence in my ability to help couples mend their marriages."

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