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Do Nothing: A Novel Approach to Solving Marriage Problems

Some people are fix-it addicts.  Fixing their marriages becomes the main focus of their lives.  The problem with this is that relationships are like see-saws: the more one person does of something, the less the other one will do.  If … Continue reading

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How To Tell Your Spouse About Your Affair [video]

If you have had an affair and you decide to tell your spouse about it or your spouse has already discovered some of the facts, you will want to know how to share the information in the least hurtful way. … Continue reading

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Smart Marriages Conference 2010: Michele Weiner-Davis Presentation

Michele Weiner Davis gives a presentation at the 2010 Smart Marriages Conference about a therapist’s techniques in divorce prevention.  Although strategy can play a major role in preventing divorce, Michele highlights that a marriage therapist’s biases, beliefs, perceptions, etc., play … Continue reading

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