I wasn't dismissing those things; and perhaps I should have expanded.

"She smiled at me today! I think it means she is coming back and is done with the OM."

I am currently making fun of the ammount of hope I have seen a smile generate...and I guess some very very old myself.

I always saw HOPE as a little beast best left in a chest deep within your heart. You let it out every now and then to keep yourself going; the spark to relight your fuel, but if you let it run the show, it'll burn you up and out.

I have been away and I have been negligent here, when I am around I enforce the 100 post thing. It'd be nice if people did it on their own. ; )

Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn. - C.S. Lewis

Life is usually all about how you handle Plan B. - Jack3Beans

Listen without defending; Speak without offending - FaithinAK