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#2769273 - 11/27/17 04:51 AM Has a SSM EVER been Fixed?
patty13 Offline
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And I mean to the point where both people are happy with their sex life? Not just to the point where 1 or the other gives up? Or settles for less?

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#2777270 - 01/31/18 06:28 AM Re: Has a SSM EVER been Fixed? [Re: patty13]
reframe Offline

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Yes. Depending on what you mean by "Fixed".

If there are medical issues causing a desire discrepancy, those can be addressed and possibly resolved.

If there are relationship issues (emotional baggage) getting in the way of intimacy, those can also be addressed.

If "fixable" problems aren't the issue, and one partner just wants it significantly more than the other, that present more of a challenge, but partners with good communication and desire to please each other and meet each others needs can attempt to meet in the middle.
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