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A Message from Michele
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#2720322 - 12/10/16 02:19 PM Blending our lives back together
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Here is the link to my previous thread Blended not stirred

I think things are definitely moving towards piecing, so I thought I should start journaling and looking for advice here.

My sitch escalated quickly and came back down quickly. I feel this was very fortunate, but I don't want to become complacent. I know very well that our R is on shaky ground, and the wheels could easily still fall off. I realize there is much work to be done. From those of you who are going through it, or who have gone through it, I will be looking to for advice on rebuilding. I am SO happy to be here!
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#2763035 - 09/24/17 10:33 AM Re: Blending our lives back together [Re: swoop]
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Blended I lefty you a post on your other thread but based on your notification it was moved off the forum.
I can move it back but I think it was unclear what you wanted.

Here is my post

Originally Posted By: blended
I know I will be putting in my work.

Until you FIX yourself you will continue to repeat the mistakes of the past.
A relationship only works when two people want it to work,
so why are you picking a person that lies and cheats?
What makes you think that you can FIX someone else?

Why did you break up with GF and XW?
What things are the same about these break up?
What can you do differently?

Is this post taking care of why you want a moderator?
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