And luck is what I'll need along with patience. I looked a bit more into mlc and shocked to find that it might take years for him to be normal again. I'm also shocked to find how many people wait year after year for their spouse to wake up. I no longer have expectations towards him as right now he has to go through the path he has chosen, so back to square one and 180. It's still works, even though we went to such ugly fight and decided to break up, one week passed and he asked me out for dinner. I didn't accept. Even though he said he was really hungry and wanted to go right away he didn't go without me and waited till I was hungry. I did not mention anything about us and stayed upbeat. I returned to my room shortly after we got home. I now know more of what to expect.. The answer is nothing. I'm clearing my head and evaluating what it is I want for me.
Me: 28
H: 40
Together: 10yrs
Married: 6 yrs
OW, ILYBNIL: june15/ 2011
I moved out/ ow moved in: nov 2nd/2011
H and ow no longer live together: may 1/2012