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#2101286 - 11/04/10 10:33 PM Re: Be careful you don't rebound!! [Re: flowmom]
musclegal Offline

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Probably wise to be a little guarded...just to be careful with your own heart!

#2164268 - 06/28/11 11:12 PM Re: Be careful you don't rebound!! [Re: musclegal]
hoswald Offline

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Depends on how you do it and your expectations, too. I'm not looking until ink is well and truly dry on documents, and I'd still love it if STBXW came to her senses, but she's hurt me an awful lot.

When going through our memorabilia and sorting it into his and hers piles, I came across a letter from an old high-school never-quite-girlfriend and got in contact with her. She's just exiting a relationship as well, but we've both traveled very different routes and have pretty much completely incompatible lives; neither of us could see a LTR between us working out.

But we also both agree it might be fun and healing to get together on a "slightly more than friends" basis, possibly with a mutually-understood-that-it's-casual physical fling, but possibly not, and you know? That really would be fun and probably healing either way, since we're both very clear on expectations.

Might be a disaster, too, but might be a fairly rational way to deal with the "rebound" feeling without suddenly launching into thinking you've found your next LTR waaaaay before you're ready. I'm frankly inclined to give it a go.

#2471049 - 07/21/14 07:18 PM Re: Be careful you don't rebound!! [Re: hoswald]
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Well we were discussing this thread this weekend, and apparently it used to be stickied to the top of the forum but apparently it is now not stuck anymore.

So this will bring it back to page one at least for a little while.

My main job in playing basketball was getting rebounds....JUST SAYING.....
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