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Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Escaping a Dr. Seuss Nightmare by Mighty @ Yesterday at 04:20 AM

Hi, AJ, my buddy! And, I totally... TOTALLY get what you are saying about forgiveness. I just get it. And... that's where I'm at, ironically... the letting go. I can let go and be OK. Where the forgiveness fits in, is when I see action from him. That
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Escaping a Dr. Seuss Nightmare by AJM @ Yesterday at 03:57 AM

Yes it is, Mighty. But honestly, I think it starts with wanting to let go. Then you do. How's the rest and quiet time coming along? Still making time for that? Keep up the exercise. Don't stop doing that as it will help to release the frustr
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Rebuilding my Castle... by AJM @ Yesterday at 03:53 AM

Heather, the hard part of overcoming difficulties is seeing how life would be without them. Tasteless. We need some difficulties in our lives to grow as humans. Life is messy to say the least and we are in it together. Quote:Postscript. My dad migh
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Escaping a Dr. Seuss Nightmare by Mighty @ Yesterday at 03:53 AM

Hey ya'll! Geesh! Lotsa good discussions on the board these days. And some newbies. It's hard for me to respond sometimes. I feel, like my hot momma friend GB, who has so much to offer, but I question what can I say to anyone? Then, sometimes, it sti
Infidelity/Extramarital Affairs/Jealousy
Jump to new posts Re: To Pursue or Not #2 by Arcola @ Yesterday at 03:50 AM

I read an article today that Russell Crowe was trying to reconcile with his estranged wife. I'm thinking wow, someone with money and fame is hanging in there trying to make things work. From what I read it seems they've been separated 2 years. Any
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Day Two by AJM @ Yesterday at 03:42 AM

A good conversation to be sure. It can be helpful to get the thoughts out, and I agree with you LT, it's easier to see other people's situations than one's own. That was one of the crazy parts back then. Watching the ex give marital advice to other
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: The Dance of Pursuit and Distance (new) by BEClem @ Yesterday at 03:24 AM

This topic is interesting for me because I (the man) am both the sexual and emotional pursuer. My wife is actually the sexual and emotional distancer. So it is flipped from the "norm". Reading the description there are also some crossove
For Newcomers
Jump to new posts Re: KGirl - letting the past go by KGirl @ Yesterday at 03:22 AM

Yikes. I've been doing pretty well but this weekend has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Been crying more today than I have in the past few months combined, I think. Here's why: -today is my ex-niece's (is that a thing??) 9th birthday. My
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Jump to new posts Re: Letting Go by HeavyD @ Yesterday at 03:20 AM

I don't talk to wife - only logistics about kids. Everything else is short cordial and that's it. Frankly the way she is acting I don't want to ineract with her at all. Getting your own lawyer will even the score and show her you are serious. Doe
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Jump to new posts Re: Hopefully Short Interim Thread by Pyrite @ Yesterday at 03:19 AM

Originally Posted By: Smothy Now we are working on ourselves and taking off the mask to look in the mirror it is scary stuff! I too think I have come a long way for myself but not at a stage where I have truly let go of attachement to my H. Scary
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Jump to new posts Re: drop the rope- part II by Zephyr @ Yesterday at 03:15 AM

Thanks guys. I will be getting the Beattie book tomorrow. It is something I need to get into. Thanks Toots, Bob, Zelda...all. Eirinn, I will try the concept of visualizing the slights or Bad interactions away...I will try. I need to dig down to fin
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Jump to new posts Re: Ripken - LRT with Wayward Wife and Divorce Filing by HeavyD @ Yesterday at 03:14 AM

Question - is your name on the deed or is it only her name? If only her name she can kick you out legally (sorry). I would scout out close studio apartments just in case. If your name is on the deed - I would move her stuff out of the marital bedr
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Jump to new posts Maybell XXXV: Almost There by Maybell @ Yesterday at 03:12 AM

http://www.divorcebusting.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2561315&page=1 Sorry, trouble with the links tonight. Sometimes I feel like STBX is deliberately setting out to kill every scrap of love or good feeling I've ever had
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Jump to new posts Re: Hopefully Short Interim Thread by Pyrite @ Yesterday at 03:08 AM

Reply to comment from Zeus on closed thread (Smothy) Originally Posted By: ZeusInstead I recommend a narrative in which you see yourself as a wonderful human with flaws. One that deserves to be treated with respect. One that deserves a loving and co
For Newcomers
Jump to new posts Re: New Here Need advice to get started by AHW99 @ Yesterday at 03:08 AM

Yes raliced I am still here. A lot has happened since my last post although nothing has really changed. On Tuesday morning my father-in-law passed away. I pretty much dropped everything and tried to be supportive and we had a couple of nice days.
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Jump to new posts Re: Help for Newbie by Badger1 @ Yesterday at 03:07 AM

A combination of journaling and looking for support tonight. If you’ve been reading my posts you know I was shocked a couple of ways ago when my WW told me she loved me. For the past few days prior to that there was a different look about her, like
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Jump to new posts Re: I thought everything was okay....(Part 5) by MCS @ Yesterday at 03:04 AM

So, doing a little worse today, but overall still better than I've been up until the last couple weeks. It was just a day that I thought a lot about the sitch. It started with a dream last night that WW and I were sitting talking and I was trying to
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Jump to new posts Re: Maybell XXXIV: Expecto Patronum! by Maybell @ Yesterday at 03:00 AM

I don't *know* who he was with but I have strong well-founded suspicions and there is really only one circumstance under which he would buy a ticket for someone other than himself. He has a corporate card for work tickets. This one was on our persona
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Jump to new posts Re: TLEE86. Part III by Mozza @ Yesterday at 02:58 AM

Wise words from MCS. Back to the basics, TLEE86.
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Jump to new posts Re: Trying to Follow DB & DR (3) by Zelda09 @ Yesterday at 02:58 AM

Yeah! Good stuff. Give it a week or two and go back and read some of the stuff on your last thread. I think you'll see the condescending very clearly if you read it as tho a stranger wrote it. Here's a question for you to go deeper with. Condescend
For Newcomers
Ripken, I just read up on your situation. It was just over a year ago I discovered my W was having an A. Prior to that, I got the "im not happy speech" about 7-8 months earlier. After finding out about the A, it got awful in our house.
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Jump to new posts Re: I hucked a waterfall. by Georgia Bulldogs @ Yesterday at 02:56 AM

Mahhty, How is the back???? I see you are just 32 but presume you took a few years off from paddling. During the week you should really look into possible considering exercises to strengthen your core muscles. The pain in your back is trying to
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Jump to new posts Re: Maybell XXXIV: Expecto Patronum! by Mozza @ Yesterday at 02:55 AM

I don't know if you should confront, but make sure you have rock solid intelligence. How do you know who he was with? Why can't he go to the city for work? In any case, you're very accommodating for him. The schedule changes I made so far were for a
Midlife Crisis
I get ya Wonka. I hear exactly what you're saying and I do believe that your argument is both powerful and says what I'm saying: there cannot be "forgiveness" if it's seared into the memory forever. That right there is holding onto the bag
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Jump to new posts Re: TLEE86. Part III by MCS @ Yesterday at 02:53 AM

TLEE, You're not failing at all. She doesn't know what she wants and she's showing it. Just be TLEE. Remember, WE can't win them back, but improve ourselves regardless of how our sitch turns out. This must be so tough, I'm not sure how I would han
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