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Jump to new posts Re: Snowballs get bigger as they roll down hill! by sjallda @ 09/21/14 01:52 PM

After reading over what I wrote Why would I expect anything different from h If I listen carefully at what he has told me , he's done, I annoy him, I talk to much, I am needy, I don't think much of him, I don't think he does anything right
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So she went out with her friend last night, didn't get home til 430am. Obviously, my head went beserk. Why was she out soo long, what was she doing, who wasshe with? Her friend, with whom i talk to about thw situation reasures me that nothing bad i
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Jump to new posts Re: Snowballs get bigger as they roll down hill! by sjallda @ 09/21/14 01:26 PM

So I went out with my family yesterday to visit my aunt in the assisted living, out to eat and to one of those big farm markets/ pumpkin patches and last to get ice cream. I have been cleaning our house all week, organizing closets, getting
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Jump to new posts Re: My Wife Filed Today by Two Sided Coin @ 09/21/14 11:36 AM

Hang in there.
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Standing "still" by 25yearsmlc @ 09/21/14 10:11 AM

Originally Posted By: missmyfriend25, how have you been? I hope the family is well and you are doing awesome! In response, in these posts, they don't always share the details. With the therapist, her text was lengthy enough and in response to my com
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Jump to new posts Re: My Story & how to deal by Riley @ 09/21/14 09:30 AM

Luke, It would help other people if you add in a signature so that each post has your info in it. Below is an example I stole from rd500 ^^ your age - her age - married - / together - son - daughter - bomb date - I don't have any children so the
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Card, I've read just this threat so far and the things I think you may want to consider are: 1. Set Boundaries - you mentioned that you did not want W to talk to other guys but did not express this idea verbatim. I would let W bring up this topic a
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