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Jump to new posts Re: 25yearsmlc 10 yrs later I File D (part 4) by 25yearsmlc @ Yesterday at 12:42 AM

Interesting weird but good experience. Had an amazingly bad dream the other day. Was in a house h & I owned and he had replaced the carpeting with sheets of the same color (nothing like yanking the rug out from under me). Heard him talking wit
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: Prayers for Whatisis by kat727 @ Yesterday at 12:37 AM

What a shock! I am so glad his sister is posting updates. I am glad his girls are there to support him. kat
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Jump to new posts Re: Wife wants to leave marriage 2 by Ginger1 @ Yesterday at 12:26 AM

Originally Posted By: TreadAnotherStander, It has nothing to do with revenge. Not trying to get him to hate his mother, he already knows she cheated. But in my family we consider it highly disrespectful to even associate with a man like this unde
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Jump to new posts Re: Limerence and My Situation 2 by neffer @ Yesterday at 12:18 AM

Please, take a deep breath, then... Originally Posted By: Ginger1Listen to what these people are telling you, they are trying to help. Please, do it
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Jump to new posts Re: Trying to get it right by TxHubby @ Yesterday at 12:17 AM

If she does go to this event with you don't be all mopey, pissy, angry, etc. That's very unattractive. Be the life of the party, or whatever it is. Full of life and confidence BUT toward YOUR enjoyment and happiness at the event. Don't do a darn
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Jump to new posts Re: Limerence and My Situation 2 by 25yearsmlc @ Yesterday at 12:16 AM

Mark Everyone is free to take the approach to saving their m that they want, and to do their best. I know you are in pain and I'm so sorry that you are. But your approach is just Not a DivorceBusting approach that you're taking and you're on this s
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Jump to new posts Re: Wife wants out of 15 year marriage by sandi2 @ Yesterday at 12:11 AM

Hi Joel, welcome to our community. Can you give us a short history of the relationship with your W? Which one has the more dominate personality in the MR? Has the bedroom relationship been passionate for each of you, or has it become more like roo
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: - by 25yearsmlc @ Yesterday at 12:08 AM

Except for exposing to 3rd parties, which I think can backfire and make you look like the scorned wife, (& makes recon harder b/c pushing the affair into the "public" arena often pushes the APs into each other's arms more, in an "
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: like a drifter I was born to walk alone by JujuB @ Yesterday at 12:06 AM

Hi ginger, I get down about how disloyal people are to each other too. It often feels like the people that are honest and faithful tend to get screwed in life. I totally get yoir annoyance with sil. My ex MIL was kind of oblivious to those sorts
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