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Jump to new posts Just starting by knjginr @ Yesterday at 05:51 AM

I just ordered the book today. I hope to get it soon. My husband and I have been together 4 years, and married not quite 3 years. We have always cycled with big fights about every 6 months. We will have a big blowout, and he will say he's done. He'l
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Jump to new posts Re: Wife wants to leave marriage 4 by Tobias @ Yesterday at 05:49 AM

Tread, if those people can knock her out of the fog, she may not have a path back to you. If you can live with that so be it, but please also consider that your S13 may very well need his mom. You are entitled to your anger and resentment. It certai
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Jump to new posts Re: Still bad at DB by AnotherStander @ Yesterday at 05:49 AM

Originally Posted By: dale165Should I try to get away from these folks while DBing? They always liked me a lot. No not at all, you keep maintaining those relationships if they are important to you as it sounds like they are. Just don't use them to
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Jump to new posts Re: WAW? Would Love Opinions. Thanks! Part 3 by AnotherStander @ Yesterday at 05:41 AM

Originally Posted By: Joseph9Stander....QQ. I have struggled with this in my current sitch because I don't want my W to view me as a friend. Would you advise taking this route while we are going through this with separation/divorce? My older D was
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Jump to new posts Re: Complicated Affair by RR17 @ Yesterday at 05:40 AM

Originally Posted By: Dude127Thanks for the reply Tread, I've read the detachment thread and I guess my biggest question is what does that look like in my sitch? What are some practical steps to take from what I'm doing now to what I should be doin
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Jump to new posts Re: WW in A. NC w/ OM(?) Next steps? (6th thread) by hoosjim @ Yesterday at 05:33 AM

Zues-- Thanks for the sentiments but, dang! You almost make it sound as if apart from the personal growth and health angle that DB-ing is close to a hopeless sham. I am familiar with the concept that all counselor's and marriage gurus "have a l
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Jump to new posts Re: WAS wanting to move across the world - help -2 by Joseph9 @ Yesterday at 05:31 AM

whywhy...you got some really sound advice from some really good people.....ultimately it is up to you. I was lucky in some respects because my W moved out 3 weeks after BD so I did not have to put up with or deal with the pain you are experiencing.
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