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Jump to new posts Re: KGirl - one year later by KGirl @ Today at 01:34 AM

Ha.. that or I just sounded desperate in my plea. Lots to think about. It's kind of like I threw a hail mary expecting it to not work but at least I could say I left it all on the field... and then it worked, but it put the game into overtime inste
We're separated--What Now?
Question: What's any take on contacting my wife's OM's...wife? I know her and am not convinced that she knows what is happening with her husband (even though I have been told that's the case). I have a guess at what the response will be but I have
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: 2015 by tadpole1025 @ Today at 01:29 AM

Thanks for checking in Jack! Quote:Get her a small plastic penguin for her desk. The next time she mentions the Thai place, "spontaneously" say we should go tomorrow. I love the penguin idea. As for the Thai place, I would love to do that
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Jump to new posts Re: Card29 VII by Card29 @ Today at 01:08 AM

Today she helped me move more stuff out of the house, no serious talks like yesterday. In fact she acted like nothing is wrong. There's no way she has processed it all already, right? I am a mess tonight. I love this house, I already miss it. I miss
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Learning to Walk Again by uRworthy @ Today at 01:07 AM

Oh boy, Luke, did God step in. I promise you that you do not want to say anything about your w to your son. She is his mama. Once you say something like that, you cant take it back. I know how much you love your boy. My son was 16 when this started
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Jump to new posts Re: Devastated Husband; Need Advice by TLEE86 @ Today at 01:00 AM

Edz, Calibri- thanks for your advice. I went with something very similar to what you guys suggested and it went well. Edz I appreciate you sharing your sitch, it seems very similar to what I'm going through now so I appreciate the insight. Journalin
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Jump to new posts Re: Divorced and moving out.....still hopeful by NewB3 @ Today at 12:58 AM

Staying positive this holiday season. Wishing for the impossible, hoping for some miracles, and moving forward. Lonely times ahead......reality
For Newcomers
Jump to new posts Re: Mozza (6) + List of success stories by bravo61 @ Today at 12:51 AM

Mozza, I have to say I'm impressed at how upbeat & positive you are. If nothing else, that will definitely take you far in life.
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Jump to new posts Re: moving on by raliced @ Today at 12:47 AM

Hey Ahoy- Glad you posted an update. So you were comfortable with what the lawyer told you? I know you were concerned about the whole D process.
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Jump to new posts Re: newcomer now receives mail in Hell by bravo61 @ Today at 12:43 AM

Bug, honestly I guess I'm scared to mention it. I hate this and never wanted it. I guess I have a scorecard in my head and don't realize/accept the game is over. I lost. She felt that this was the only way to save herself. That's what kills, it wasn'
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: The Next Three Weeks by Shining @ Today at 12:27 AM

My dear, dear, Mighty!! I'm sorry I've been absent... A much needed break. I'm getting caught up on you!!! I'm going to finish reading and post back. I think of you all the time, my friend. You're shamazing. I don't have words. OOOHH!!!
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Learning to Walk Again by CaliGuy @ Today at 12:23 AM

Originally Posted By: uRworthyHey Luke...feel better now? Yeah actually I do ... These emotions I hold in and no one else gets to hear them but you fine lucky peeps! Speaking of which .. so yesterday in traffic S and I are talking and he asks someth
For Newcomers
Jump to new posts Re: Busting this Divorce - 90 Days NC #1 by Pink17 @ Today at 12:23 AM

Hi HP, This is the way, mind your own self and the things you can control. Your son is also learning to be a better person as you as his role model. We all know how hard it has been for you since the beginning but you have been learning a lot an
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: Living in a cyclone by adinva @ Today at 12:21 AM

OMG my H's check arrived, for $3K. I texted him to find out if that was a mistake, and he said Merry Christmas. I must admit that was thoughtful and/or generous. I texted back Wow Thank You. A bit confused but not going to ruminate on it. I will NO
For Newcomers
Jump to new posts Re: RD moving on by Ahoy @ Today at 12:16 AM

rd, she just wants your attention, in my opinion. She is checking to see if she still has you on her hook. It doesn't mean that she chooses you, she just wants to know you'll be there to defend her should she ask you. My opinion: don't be there. She
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Jump to new posts Re: Busting this Divorce - 90 Days NC #1 by adinva @ Today at 12:14 AM

Your actions are not really to teach her anything. That's not really your place. Your actions are to take control of how you will respond and what you will request and expect. If she learns anything from it it is up to her. I know that goes against
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Jump to new posts Re: Angry WAH blames me for everything....... by Calibri @ Today at 12:11 AM

Labug, I've been thinking about your post to me. I also went back and read some of your sitch. Very enlightening stuff. And I came across this while doing some reading on control: "Do you really want to deprive those you love of the benefi
For Newcomers
Jump to new posts moving on by Ahoy @ Today at 12:10 AM

Hello -- I can't remember how to link to my previous posts, but it may be unnecessary because I have really turned a corner. After visiting family out of state for Thanksgiving, and visiting friends and family in another state recently, I have gained
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: THIS is where the MAGIC happens. by Shining @ Today at 12:06 AM

Thank you all for your wonderful words! I felt I needed a break.... It was good to take the focus off of the sitch for a little bit. Plans are coming together for the "Not-So-Pitiful-Pity-Party-of-One-Holiday-Extravaganza!" (Cue the sn
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Jump to new posts Re: Busting this Divorce - 90 Days NC #1 by HPoirot @ Today at 12:03 AM

Yes thank you adinva, sandi, and everyone. You're right I can only control how I react to her contacting me. I cannot control when... and now how... she contacts me... I saw a call from my W and then immediately from S11 just now. He's out with h
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Wife Still in MLC but has now left #7 by Lifes Twists @ Yesterday at 11:58 PM

Matt, if you are truely sure that your lawyer will roll over just to get off the case then drag it out as far as you can just so you can get rid of him since he is not interested in your best interest at this point. Since he is asking for you to prov
For Newcomers
Jump to new posts Re: New to the Board - swtiched to Newcomers Forum by NAJ1964 @ Yesterday at 11:55 PM

As usual, I have to guess. Christ, this seems to be a guessing game - it all boils down to guesswork and that is depressing. There is no "answer" only possibilities and permutations and feelings all nebulous stuff. Bottom line - my wife
For Newcomers
Jump to new posts Re: New Place - New Togs - New Me? Mmmm (Part 5) by edz @ Yesterday at 11:54 PM

W texted me tonight to ask was I around the office tomorrow as she'll be in the area. Asked what she needed she said nothing and was just going to meet up but I'm not free. Said I can take an early lunch so we're meeting for coffee. Sad in a way tha
Jump to new posts Re: Should I let her know I am reading the book? by Vanilla @ Yesterday at 11:53 PM

Originally Posted By: Bert35I am in AA, the self actualizing brought me to where I am now, alcohol will never be a problem for me again, and I can finally say that as though a truck has been lifted off my shoulders, just wish it hadn't taken me so lo
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Learning to Walk Again by uRworthy @ Yesterday at 11:53 PM

Hey Luke...feel better now? Ok, so, looking at her FB...what did that accomplish and how did it serve you? Yea..so stop that, yea? The feelings come back around to bite you when you least expect it, right? Yea, life isnt always fair. Not so sure
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