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Jump to new posts Re: We are on the brink by Azzork @ 1 minute 37 seconds ago

How would you treat him if you had exactly ZERO expectations of him? Instead of being disappointed that he doesnt do something, be grateful when he DOES something.
Piecing Our Marriage Back Together Again
Jump to new posts Re: Rebuilding but with NO Intimacy by hopeOK @ 5 minutes 37 seconds ago

So sorry you are facing these challenges. When you bring up the topic of affection as one of your needs (affection and not sex... for a lot of women, affection not related to sex is important & is what helps build their desire for sex) what does
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Jump to new posts Re: WAH, in the thick of divorce by SunnyB @ 10 minutes 20 seconds ago

Ep, how did it go?
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Jump to new posts Re: Don't Look Back 3 by SunnyB @ 11 minutes 25 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Zues126I can't believe I still harbor this naive belief about the world but I can't help but think that our pain will be followed by some really good times ahead. I think so, too, Zues, but I have to say I felt that more strongl
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Jump to new posts Re: Wow, mind is blown 6 by Uphill @ 12 minutes 40 seconds ago

I really wish XF had a better relationship with my parents. On days she has S4 I meet her to get him and take him for my mom to watch him while we are at work. Same thing after work... It just makes it tough seeing her twice a day, every day that
Piecing Our Marriage Back Together Again
Jump to new posts Re: I think I belong in Piecing... by hopeOK @ 13 minutes 32 seconds ago

I understand the tone thing as well. That is something I've worked on for myself... if I am upset about something, then I don't say anything. I wait until I am calm and ok, then I say something. Otherwise, my tone is bound to betray me and push H awa
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Jump to new posts Re: *need help* by barbie7 @ 15 minutes 33 seconds ago

When he left I told him he can get them every other weekend..he has had excuses his past few weekends not to come get them..20 more days until court and I can't wait until everything is decided by a judge and in writing..i understand what you're sayi
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Jump to new posts Re: Might as well get started. by Azzork @ 18 minutes 38 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Abe31Quote: Yep. Not much choice in this matter. That's why its best to turn your focus inward. So you posted a lot of words on your M. Let's talk about you: what do you believe you contributed to the downfall of your M?
Piecing Our Marriage Back Together Again
Jump to new posts Re: Hopefull in NYC by hopeOK @ 19 minutes 26 seconds ago

Yeah... seems like she is not 100% there yet but moving in that direction. It shouldn't be ok w/ her that you have relations w/ someone else, let alone her suggesting it.
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Jump to new posts Re: Flailing by Azzork @ 21 minutes 20 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Lost08I'm not ready to approach a L yet. Where we live, the law is "no fault" and regardless of what your spouse has done (short of physical abuse, I guess) everything is split 50/50. Its never a BAD idea to get more
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Jump to new posts Re: WAS or what (2) by roiste @ 21 minutes 43 seconds ago

One last post before work. Last night while looking up flight, accommodation etc for wedding trip W stated she thought we could not afford to both go. I Reacted badly as I took it as her not wanting to go. I was disappointed and immediately asked i
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Jump to new posts Re: Letting go, really hurts (Smothy 9) by Azzork @ 24 minutes 31 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Smothy What if H never does? I know that it wouldn't of been so easy for him to let me go if it wasn't for his daily fix from OW. He might. He might not. But thinking you have any level of control over it will drive you cra
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: #45 Partly Sunny by kat727 @ 24 minutes 37 seconds ago

It is kind of strange that I have only talked to them, maybe twice. I don't know them. I did send a message offering to help with the wedding, so I reached out which is hard for me. Baby steps. kat
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Jump to new posts Re: Raliced the Eighth by SunnyB @ 28 minutes 50 seconds ago

Raliced, sorry your D is having a hard time right now. I agree that some of it is just normal kid stuff, it does happen, they just get the weepies for no apparent reason. And I know that you are there for them day in and day out. You are a great m
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Jump to new posts Re: Wife had Emotional Affair- Filed for Divorce 4 by WhyUs @ 29 minutes 15 seconds ago

Thank for coming to my thread Jenny. I have not had contact with WW for 3 months except by email through a third party and only about the kids. We have a mutual restraining order. Her attorney, for some reason, believes that this play will help he
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Jump to new posts Re: Yup, it stands for Rising Above It - III by SunnyB @ 31 minutes 37 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: RAIThanks Bravo. I actually softened my approach and outlined the reasons why going makes sense, and W acquiesced. RAI, this is good. When my kids are sassy, I tell them they can say the same thing and still get their point ac
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Jump to new posts Re: Still DB'ing - Still Learning from WAW (6) by SunnyB @ 34 minutes 44 seconds ago

JB, there are crazy cat ladies everywhere. I think I'm in the running for that, too. I currently have three kids, two cats, one dog, and no H. As the kids grow up and leave, I think I'll just replace them with more cats...
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Jump to new posts Re: Getting worse and harder by Azzork @ 36 minutes 11 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: fdu I just got a call from Child Support that my wife has officially filed for child support. I dont know why this is a bad thing. Why WOULDNT she file for this?
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Jump to new posts Re: *need help* by Azzork @ 37 minutes 41 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: barbie7*that will make 8 weeks since he has seen them* I think you are focusing on the wrong thing. I get that OW isnt someone you care to be friends with or really even meet. But SHE is not the problem. She is a symptom of
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Jump to new posts Re: Afraid it's too late.... by Azzork @ 41 minutes 22 seconds ago

SPD - Its time to at least consult with a lawyer. Find out what your rights actually are. You dont have to agree to anything she proposes and theres no sense in fighting with her bout it. Talk to a lawyer and see whats reasonable.. And I think yo
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Jump to new posts Re: Alligator Love by SunnyB @ 45 minutes 6 seconds ago

Sorry, Zues. How frustrating it must be to have an incompetent L for such a life-changing event as D. I hope the conversation goes well and that the L sees you are serious and shapes up. But I'm with Jim, maybe replacing her wouldn't be all that ba
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Jump to new posts Re: Taking it back by rd500 @ 45 minutes 31 seconds ago

Hi Ndy. Don't have much to add other than you should be very proud of yourself for handling this with such control. You S10 is a very lucky lad to have a man and Dad like you in his life Take care Rd
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Jump to new posts Re: Walkaway Wife/WW/MLC Part 2 by jjal @ 45 minutes 40 seconds ago

Seems like one okay night of sleep is followed up by an anxiety filled night full of tossing and turning with hot flashes. I believe I've taken every OTC and natural remedy known to man with very little success. I'm tired, and when I am tired, I just
Infidelity/Extramarital Affairs/Jealousy
Jump to new posts Re: Arrival to NC. by Sotto @ 48 minutes 52 seconds ago

Hi Rysin, that sounds fair enough to me. You dealt with it in an authentic way, and with integrity & respect for her. Really the message was - hey, it just doesnt work for me to be text-chatting daily (like close friends or spouses) when you are
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: waves by job @ 52 minutes 24 seconds ago

I still think he may have picked up something in Mexico and because he's not feeling well, he wants his mommy TLC and the dog there for comfort. When in doubt, do nothing. Yes, you are learning to choose your battles. I really do hope he feels bet
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