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Michele's Announcements
Michele's Announcements
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Divorce Busting Coaching -Telephone Consultations
Get help for your marriage right away!
Moderator: Virginia
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Re: Help from a Marriage-S...
(Virginia) - 05/03/18 02:09 AM
Private Intensive Sessions with Michele
Personal session with Michele Weiner-Davis
Moderator: Virginia
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Re: Two-day Personal Inten...
(Virginia) - 05/20/18 11:35 PM
Michele's Books and Tapes
Familiarize yourself with Michele's principles
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Re: Link to First Chapters...
(Virginia) - 05/14/18 08:09 AM
Another Divorce Busted!
Read inspirational success stories here.
Moderator: Virginia
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Re: Divorce Busting Succes...
(Virginia) - 04/11/18 05:41 AM
Open Forums
Open Forums
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For Newcomers (105 viewing)
Post your stories here
Moderator: Cadet, Virginia
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Re: Moving past the WAW to...
(Davide) - 27 minutes 0 seconds ago
Infidelity/Extramarital Affairs/Jealousy (7 viewing)
Moderator: Virginia
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Re: Wife is Continuing Aff...
(WillDo) - 05/22/18 02:32 PM
Midlife Crisis (39 viewing)
Moderator: job, Virginia
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Re: Dejavue MLC H
(ruhappy) - Today at 08:41 AM
Walk-Away-Spouse (1 viewing)
WAS's help and support one another.
Moderator: Cadet, Virginia
496 11155
(Cadet) - 03/26/18 05:49 PM
I'm Thinking About Leaving (1 viewing)
A safe place for help, hope, and understanding for all
Moderator: Virginia
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Re: Words from a man who's...
(Vapo) - 03/22/18 03:22 AM
Read the first chapter and join in on the discussion.
Moderator: Virginia
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Re: cannot get through emo...
(Amazona) - 05/10/18 07:49 PM
Piecing Our Marriage Back Together Again (11 viewing)
Moderator: Virginia
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Re: We are moving forward ...
(Steve85) - 06/07/18 05:49 AM
We're separated--What Now? (1 viewing)
Moderator: Cadet, Virginia
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Re: It happened again
(Cadet) - 05/07/18 11:14 PM
Divorced, But Not Done
Keeping your relationship rebuilding efforts going during and after a divorce.
Moderator: Virginia
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Re: First time posting out...
(EyeTie) - 04/05/18 05:04 AM
Read the first chapter and join in on the discussion
Moderator: Cadet, Virginia
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Re: Will she ever come bac...
(Cadet) - 04/11/18 11:53 PM
Surviving the Big D (16 viewing)
For rebuilding lives after divorce
Moderator: job, Virginia
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Re: Open the Floodgates
(Coconut) - 16 minutes 12 seconds ago Archives Archives
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Advice from Wise DB'ers
A must read for people applying DB principles
Moderator: Virginia
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Re: Six Signs Your Marriag...
(Virginia) - 12/18/14 07:32 PM
For Newcomers Archives (16 viewing)
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Re: My Story
(JonF) - 12/31/08 08:44 PM

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