Yep, I had a friend who is a therapist come over and he really helped me understand things differently. I guess I needed to hear it from someone face to face.

Last night she called me face time to "talk to my son" turns out he bit the OM's kid who is much older than him for pushing him. She actually blamed me for not making him behave. She said if he kept it up she would take him to a doctor for his anger problems. He cried and said "I don't want to be here with my fake sister, I don't want her, I want to come home to you dad" she asked me to watch him more days so she could recover from surgery, I just said "No I cant I have to work and I have appointments, im sorry" (In the past I for sure would have called in, adjusted anything for her) Then I told her "I will talk to our son, try to teach him some healthier ways to deal with his anger, and I asked him to be nice to his mom and stop hitting her and being bad" But I was shocked. She is absolutely gone, our son was her pride and joy nothing would ever come between them. I realized my buddy was right, she is not even close to the person I thought she was. Turning her back on me is one thing because I made mistakes too sure, but our son too? That just turned my heart cold. She will throw everything away to maintain this with OM. There is nothing anyone can do or say to stop it.

My plan is to go to VA and discuss some methods to detach in healthy ways with the Dr, admit that I have a serious issue because of being abandoned as a child which is probably why im so attached. Im sure and that she is really manipulating me and come up with a good action plan to get free. There was so many times I thought I was done with her through this month since finding out about OM, things she said and did that was like "oh that's it" but nope I still let he effect me. But my son being an enemy now too, her saying "I know you want him to punish me and ruin my day" like just wow man. I feel like he is going to be dumped on me in the future. That's totally fine, ill take custody, child support and live my life if it comes down to that. I love my kids they are good kids no matter what she says. I never thought it would get this bad. I was very naďve.

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