I agree. The strength in these Sitchs are the LBS. They are the true strong ones. They ultimately end up deciding on the faith of the R.

The LBS takes a deep self reflection evaluation and they begin to work on their faults, while standing for the M. And if they WW or WAS decides to come back, they work on forgiving and forgetting.

It takes a strong individual to get thru that type of fire and come out the other side stronger and smarter.

My hat always is tipped the LBS on this site. They show strength so strong it's hard to phantom at all. And I know everyone around probably wonder how in the hell did they get to where they are.

Shots in the air for the LBS.

M:36 W:36
T:11 M:10
S16, S12, S9, S4
OM confirmed 07/20/17
Recon the M 10/29/17
Working hard:2gether

Onward and forward

This process is not a sprint it's a marathon! Patience, Patience, Patience.