I just got this really kind email. Thought I'd share it with you.
Just read your November newsletter. You are such an encouragement to those of us attempting to help those couples considering divorce. My wife and I have been in ministry for 24 plus years and still rejoice when a couple reconciles and moves on into a renewed relationship. Just wanted to tell you how much your book, "The Divorce Remedy" has saved so many couples! We have purchased many of your books (had to buy used!) through Amazon.com to give to clients thinking of divorce and/or separation. Close to 100% have decided to work out the differences and even admit they now have a marriage the way God intended! So, thanks for your help -- and you are saving more marriages than you even know about!
Rev. Don Bloch, Ph.D.

Michele: Thought I would add a "P.S." which may help others who minister/counsel with couples who are ready to call it quits. There have been couples where infidelity was involved, and we have advised them just to begin by reading your chapter on infidelity. This has had a powerful impact, and most will continue reading the entire book. We are also coming at this as a spiritual issue; Therefore there is always forgiveness to take place (which does not replace the trust that had been "destroyed"), and the re-establishment of trust will always take time. Trust will be resurrected out of the ash heap. However there has been reconciliation and a desire for renewal. Our joy takes place when we witness these couples renewing their wedding vows!

The Divorce Buster