Hi Everyone,

My thanks and prayers go out to everyone on the boards and to my DB counselors Chuck and Vanetta(sp?). My H phoned me late yesterday afternoon to tell me he wanted to get together to talk about getting back together. I was in the middle of a store buying hardware of all things and it happened. My prayers were answered and an amazing JOY came over me. He loves me and wants to be a family. We are back together !!!!! Another Marriage Saved through DBusting !!!

For those of you who don't know me. I am 49 my H is 50. He left me in early October and was seeing OW. We had been married almost 27 years when he decided he didn't want to live with me anymore. He had become numb where I was concerned and just wanted to start his life over without me. He wanted us to remain friends but it was over.

Thank God I found Michelle's book DR, this site and the DB counselors. They and you all saved my life, my marriage and my family (S 27, S 30, DIL 28 and the most amazing little grandsons 1 and 4 that are such a gift to us) with your unending support and solution oriented direction.

I didn't think our marriage standed much of a chance. My H was pretty emphatic that our M was over. My hopes were supported here when well meaning friends and family were telling me to give up and thinking I was a fool for even trying to save my marriage.

I worked through the pain. This was the hardest. The lonliness and the rejection were almost unbearable. Many times I didn't know where I would find the strength to go on. It was the worst fear and pain I have ever known but I was assured that I would get better as I DBusted and GAL and that I would eventually see some light as I found my way digging myself out of the seemingly bottomless pit of agonizing pain.

I can tell you that this process, although it almost killed me has made me the genuine person I was always meant to be. I am strong and my NEW M will be stronger than ever before.

I will never forget all the support I received here and want to appeal to all of you who are fighting the good fight that you are amazing people and deserve to have your dreams come true. I have never met a stronger, more centered or grounded group of individuals in my 49 years on this earth. As I was told by my DBusting counselor Chuck, "Allow yourself to have all the hope your heart can hold" and not to protect myself from the pain. He was so right. This is a process. It is a solution driven process that focuses us each individually toward worthy goals by directing us to do what works and not what doesn't. For everyone it will be a different and success will be measurable but it is the right road to travel.

God bless you all and you families. I will keep you all in my heart and prayers. Thank you again for all your support. I spent many sleepless and tear filled nights here as you are and I will never forget and be forever greatful for what you have given me.



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