Hello all!!!
Just thought I'd drop in real quick here and say hello to all my BB bros and sisters that are still fighting the good fight.

It's been 'good' for me to take a break from the board and concentrate on daily living as it's kept me moving forward and positive.

I'm as busy as a one armed paper hanger so my 'puter' time has become very limited for the purpose of 'fun' anyway.

My life with my H is better than it's been in many years. We are continuing to rediscover each other on a far more mature and solid basis than we ever have in all our years together. This "time around" it's not, infatuation and unrealistic expectations...it's wide eyed and cautious and wonderfully open and honest. It's much like really getting to know each other warts and all, unlike the way we 'choose' to see each other when our R was originally developed, many, many years ago.

It IS TRUE, that the second time around with our spouses CAN be better than the first.

I know one thing for SURE, I have NEVER been more content with who I AM at any other time in my life. I like me and I don't have to prove my 'loveabilty' or "worthiness" to anyone any more, because I like ME just the way I am.
Love 2 All,


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