Hi everyone-

This really isn't a post to get a thread going, but if that happens great! I just wanted to say that I received my Keeping love Alive audio set on Friday and I have been listening to it non-stop. I would really recommend it for everyone, no matter the situation.

If you're familiar with Michele's books, many of the concepts that she speaks of you will already be familiar with....but don't let that stop you. I love that I've been able to pop the Cd in my car and listen while driving. Plus, when we have all busted divorce and are back with our spouses, I really think this would be a great tool for your spouse to listen to...and for you to re-listen to over and over again!

No, i wasn't paid by Michele...although...i won't stop her...just kidding...I did not want to just throw this out there for you.

Have a great week!