I've been posting on this board for nearly 4 months and want to share something with everyone. DB is so powerful.

I've been married now for 3 yrs. About 2 years into my marriage I could honestly say that I thought that I had no feelings for my H. Yes, I loved him but I thought it was more of a brotherly way. I did not love him as a husband. I didn't touch him, I didn't speak lovingly toward him, I put him down, I never told him I loved him.. etc. Although I never told my H how I "thought" I felt about him, I was truly thinking about divorse. I prayed every night that God would allow me to fall back in love with my H.

Well without knowing it my husband started DBing..... first he was leaving a couple of days a week....then it ended up everyday of the week. He cut me off completely. Spoke as minimal to me as possible. Sure he didn't start DBing the "right" way....he started having an affair. But do you know what? I took notice! And I fought like crazy to get my H back. Once again DBing has worked and my H is now staying at home with me. He has been wonderful.

I don't know how this DBing stuff works but it does! I've been on both ends of it. My H didn't relize he was doing DB, and I wish he would have found another way to do it. But I can now honestly say that I am madly in love with my H! And I'm so glad he has decided to work on our marriage; this coming from a man who use to say he didn't love me anymore...etc....you know all of the alien stuff.

I hope that this can inspire some of you, because it really does work!