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I managed to copy most of the books and authors. Don't have what the posters recommended them for, but here's a start!

Love at midlife- Richard a. Osing

Women in midlife crisis- Jim and Sally Conway

Loving solutions- Gary chapman

Winning your wife back before it's too late- Gary smalley

Renew your marriage at midlife- Steve Brody and Cathy Brody

Stop blaming start loving- bill o'hanlon and pat Hudson

Love must be tough- dr James Dobson

Grow up- dr frank Pittman

Private lies- dr frank Pittman

Love is letting go of fear- Gerald g. Jampolsky

How to heal a painful relationship- bill ferguson

How to win your lover back
Love tactics
More love tactics

After the affair-Janis spring

The lost art of listening- Michael Nichols

Nonviolent communication:a language of life- Marshall Rosenberg

I gotta tell you, "Women in midlife crisis- Jim and Sally Conway" is an awful read. I got thru a third of it and my takeaway was "it's hopeless". Terrible book. Maybe I'll finish it later.