To Vernetta- the DB coach

Well you gave me some advice on celebrating our 11th anniversary during this troubled time. I just wanted to let you know it went great! Just a recap:
Bed & Breakfast, jacuuzi tub & bubble bath, rose petals and candles, dinner at a nice resturant. It sounds like standard stuff, but guys (at least this one) don't have a clue. Thanks for the clue ;\) My wife said to tell you it was great too. (I tell her everything). It was really good for us.

Now for the rough, but not devistating news: On Sunday morning, she was making plans again to see him (OM) that afternoon. I was upset and we discussed it. She did go to see him, but I can see that she is very conflicted about him. She know's that it is wrong and is struggling with how to deal with him. I count this as an improvement, as just three weeks ago, she had her mind made up to leave me, no questions asked.

As my greatest hope, she gave me an anniversary card. It spoke about all the pain in our relationship, but ended with "I love You (and I want to love yoa as I did then)" She stated that I was "doing everything right. She just need to have her head screwed on right." She is still in love with the OM, but she is falling back in love with me.

We have many friends and family praying for us. I know God has blessed us and is working in our lives. Divorce Busting is one of the tools he is using and I am grateful to have found you guys. You (all) are doing 'a good work'.

Thank you for all you've done for me personally. I look forward to speaking with you again soon.


The Divorce Buster