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#100018 12/24/02 01:00 PM
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Michele Offline OP
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Joined: Jan 1999
Posts: 3,315
Its been over a year since I've posted to
your website, and I'm struggling a bit with posting.
If this can help please pass it on.
I just want to thank everyone at the site for their help.
Gillian and I have been back together for nearly a year now.

My wife and I love each other.
Without your help, I believe I would have given up,
and I know we would both be unhappy.

When my wife left, I was devasted.
I just couldn't get it.
What hope is there, she's gone, end of story.

I'd wake up at 4 am,
instantly knew that Gillian had gone,
still more tired than when I went to bed.
Why did she want to leave?

She had been troubled at the start of the week.
We talked deep into the night: she'd spend some time with a friend.

When I came home the next evening, she had taken all her stuff.

Friends were sorry to see me so hurt, some were keen to "badmouth" my wife.

I'd leave messages on her car windscreen,
fabricate reasons to meet her,
but her lawyer told me to stop.

I found your website, and I posted a few messages.
In the following months, people there made me question myself.

I started to pick my self up, took more care of myself,
and built up my social life.
I'm a shy person, sometimes I just wanted to curl up.

I was still hurting, but less of a victim, and more like my old self.
Maybe it gave Gillian some time to think things out.

Gillian would call,and leave a message,
curious that I wasn't at home.

Slowly things started to build...

'Divorce Busting' gave me hope,
my friends at the website helped me make it through


The Divorce Buster
#100019 10/14/04 04:51 PM
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Joined: Nov 2000
Posts: 8,334
Likes: 1


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