Hi All,

It has been awhile since I posted. Nothing much new to report really.

I sent my W a couple short emails. One concerning a joint membership in a service we belong to and the other to inform her of the passing of a Mutual friend. Both times no response.

Her L finally got back to my L after almost two months and provided some small piece of info I asked for but said he would have to get back to us on the issue of whether my W will agree to sell our house.

This is a bit frustrating considering they had 2 months to come up with a Yes or No answer.

It appears they are do not want negotiate till they gather some more Spousal support money from me.

Short of signing her outrageous settlement offer, We are in a holding pattern for now just like we have been since about Aug of 2014.

Any suggestions on how to possibly break this stalemate would be appreciated.

I still don't want a D but I am not going to roadblock.

It seems like a defeatist attitude just going along with my W demands but not sure what else to do.

I am a positive person and have been showing that over the last 2 years more and more. This Sitch does wear a person though.


Me 47/W 34
T 16 M 13
No kids
BD 6/2013
W asked that I move out 6/2013
I moved back and W is upset with this 12/2013
separate beds not much talking
Served D Complaint 5/2014
W moved out 9/27/2014