Morning. Feeling like the luckiest person on the planet. Had an accident yesterday morning - son and I were driving home when a large pickup truck going in the opposite direction hit the RR tracks too fast. This large metal shelving unit flew up in the air, into my lane and flew straight down and into my windshield. I don't know how we survived - someone is watching over us for real. Something smashed into my son's cheek - we think either the rearview mirror which is dangling by some wire, or the plastic assembly that held it in place. He has a thin cut that looks like a light scratch. That's it. Of course I have myriad tiny cuts on my hands from all the glass, and trying to brush the glass off of me. Otherwise, we're fine.

My beautiful car however needs a new hood, left quarter panel, fender and windshield, plus new windshield wipers and rear view mirror. Thankfully the other driver stopped. My son called the police, who came to the scene. I have to file the crash report later today. My mechanic came with the loaner and a flatbed to bring my car to the shop. I brought my son home, then drove to the shop to clean out the personal stuff in the car that will now be somewhat exposed to the elements. It was somewhat harrowing. I can still see the shelving unit flying down at us - with my eyes open - just looking at anything, even this screen, it's sort of superimposed. I guess that's pretty normal.

I'm looking at yesterday as the BEST DAY EVER because the most important thing here is that my son and I are alive. This could have ended much differently for us. Something came through the windshield, but then bounced back out, thank God.

Later we were able to take care of something for son that was extremely time sensitive - a Hail Mary that I think worked, again Thank God.

Finally, my dog started acting like he was having a seizure last night - no idea what was going on. I found the emergency vet hospital near here (no idea where such things are in this area, now I do) ... got him in there. Apparently he ate an edible cookie a friend had given my son, so yes, my dog is stoned out of his tiny little furry mind. Thankfully he will be ok after some subcutaneous fluids and sleep, plus the vet said he is in terrific shape for an almost 13 year old pup. Maybe now son will heed my requests to keep his smokey treats out of our living space. Another happy surprise - it didn't cost nearly as much as I thought it would, and I had the $$.

Oh, yeah, couple days before that I went into mom's to get a package of chicken out of the freezer and there was no heat - I'd forgotten to check the oil tank - completely out of oil. None of my cousins could help - my Dad was the person everyone in the family would call in this situation. thankfully a friend and his wife came (almost 2 hours round trip for them in the freezing cold), met me at the gas station with 4 gas cans which we filled with diesel, and then he showed me how to bleed and prime a boiler. So, if you're in my area and you need such expertise, I'm your gal. Again -- pipes could have frozen, but they didn't - feeling quite grateful.

So my point here is this: gratitude in the face of everything that happens to us carries us a long way.