I’m done!!!!! Only took 30 minutes and I didn’t have to look at him. He walked by and I looked away. He went in the court room while I waited outside.

Idiot agreed to the very fair offer I gave him 2.5 years ago. Why? Why do these people do this??? Let’s spend thousands of dollars to end up right where we started. Oh right it’s more fun to punish me.

Alimony stays the same but I got a small raise (shhhhh) so I’m good. I’m going to push to get him to pay half the kids insurance. It’s not much but every little bit helps. The big win was I got 50% of his pension!!!! I get half the payout and half of the cost of living increase too!!

I don’t have to go back to court!!!! My attorney is working on the paperwork now. Yay!!!

I thought I’d be sad but after 2.5 years I’m just ready for him to go away.