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So I finished the series last night. Not to spoil it but the moral of the story is that 85% of your life can be absolutely amazing and its ok if that isn't enough. You deserve to have at all no matter if it destroys to everyone around you.

Great job Netflix! lol.

Ugh. It'd be nice for once if the WAS was painted as the awful party and their life blew up due to their waywardness! LOL

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This woman was always looking for someone to make her happy rather than happiness from within herself.

This is actually one of my major take-aways from this board and other resources over the last year and a half, and I now have a much better understanding of the concept. Happiness has to come from within; other people can not be responsible for our happiness. Just like a shiny new thing, the validation and excitement a new relationship brings fades after awhile and you revert back to your previous level if you don't address yourself internally.