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A Message from Michele
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Surviving the Big D
Yesterday at 09:14 PM
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A new season

Which we all know isnít true. I have tons of words!

But I am kind of erasing the dad thing from my mind now. He is t talking to me, I texted about something he asked about prior to the fight and no response. I canít even call and slightly apologize because he canít ever listen to me. He will go off on me and quite frankly, Iím going to my friends wedding and Iíll be in FL and I want to be light-hearted.

I Do realize that I kind of have the ideal relationship with my ex that most only dream of. We switched cars for the week while Iím away and heís doing my brakes and oil change. In exchange I have him a water dispenser and I bakes a nice apple pie I have to his wife today. He helped me carry in my daughters desk because it was way too heavy. They made it to my house first yesterday because I was running late at work. When we were married he would have flipped on me for being late and making him wait. He said ďno big deal, take your time, Iíll hang out hereĒ I walked in and he was playing with the dog. Sometimes I wish it was that way when we were married. But Iím happy we can be this way now. We help each other more now than we did when we were married. Funny how that works. But Iím happy with where our relationship is.

Iím still on the fence about this new guy. I mean, I really like him. But I donít want to like him anymore than I do if we canít make it work to see each other. And I kind of refuse to be the only one who needs. Opposite weekends are super tough. And his hands are beyond full with 3 kids. I donít know. I think heís going to have to try harder if he has the same interest, which he expresses.

But all of that will be in the back of my mind this week. Itís all about one of my bestest friends and her marriage. I donít think Iíve ever been so happy for any other individual who has gotten married.

Oh, and funny story. One of the nurses on my floor is divorced with 2 kids and dating this guy she talks about all the time and occasionally bad mouths his ex. I saw a post on FB she was tagged in so I checked out her profile. I know who her boyfriend is. He was/is married to someone I grew up with. he was married before her too and his daughter from his first marriage went to dance with D12 when she was like 5. He married this woman I grew up with and they had a boy. I only found out they were divorcing when he sent me a message on a dating site! I was like ďare t you married to so and so?Ē He freaked and never replied. I guess he got her now.

Heís a player. And itís a small small world .
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