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The Great American Sex Challenge

Couple frustrated with each other in bed

Have you and your spouse been arguing about sex on a regular basis? Is your spouse a more sexual person than you? Is s/he irritable, critical, or constantly down in the dumps? Does s/he withdraw, drop out, or avoid responsibility and involvement with you? Your marriage might be sex-starved. Don't wait another minute. Take the Great American Sex Challenge.

Here it is!

  1. Start by reading The Sex-Starved Marriage. Begin by reading the first chapter.

  2. For the next two weeks, do an experiment. Whether you're completely in the mood or not, make your sexual relationship a bigger priority. Initiate sex. Flirt. Be sexy- fondle your spouse when you pass in the hall, send sexy emails or pager messages, compliment your spouse on the way s/he looks, get out of your dumpy, sweat pants and put energy into how you look, be more creative during love-making.

  3. Fasten your seatbelts. You are about to see your grouchy, withdrawn spouse transform before your very eyes. If you don't believe it, JUST DO IT and watch what happens.

  4. Email Michele with your "findings"!

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