Thanks for your posts on my thread; I do appreciate them very much.

I just read the first post on this thread, and it was wonderful. Of course, there are ups and downs--I guess that is normal. I seem to go from high to low in seconds, lol! I guess things will level out at some point.

ISLH makes some good points about your W's behaviour, but it's hard to tell how she was acting from a post. I'm guessing she ignored you, which is indeed rude and hurtful. However, you and I both need to get to the place where it is not hurtful.

One of my best friends keeps saying to me, "Who CARES what he's doing? Who cares if he's happy? So what? All that matters is that YOU be happy." True words, but so hard to follow.

Whether or not you eventually reconcile, I think this is an important step, so that she will not have such emotional power over you. After all, you want to be able to see her w/ clear eyes if ever she does want to get back together--and that means not all positive or all negative.

I hear you about taking control of the D; I'm doing that, too. I gave H a proposed custody agreement and he's digesting it. I made a mediation appt, I'm getting the house appraised. I just want this over with. When it is done, I will see where things stand with us. But for right now, it has to be over.

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