Thanks FIB and ISLM.

ISLH - I will try not to be defensive but if someone chooses to act like a bit*h, ignore you on purpose, and try to lure you into argument (which she tried to do at one point) then I call that rude, among other terms.

What I tried to say is that it did not affect me; or, to be very honest, not even close to as much as it would have just months ago. Why? B/c I see her for what she is.

There comes a time when we need to stop apologizing for them. If they cannot treat us decently, sit somewhere else, not next to me. I see too many wonderful people here blame themselves or try to even defend the crass behaviors of their former partners, when in fact they are responsible for how they act, not us.

Was I seathing? I can honestly so no - never entered my mind. I expected her to behave that way. I had a good time watching my son get his first hit of the season. I enjoyed D6 playing on the monkey bars.

What did affect me was when D6 tried to pull us together. It affects me when this affects my kids.

Reading back that does sound defensive - but it was good to write ISLH. Thanks, keep me honest. \:\)


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