One thing Jerry mentioned that I want to reemphasize is his suggestion of the "Five Love Languages" as a way to direct you towards understanding your wife's needs (love language). To love your wife in her "language" will help her feel loved/cared for by you. This is a smarter way to love than for you to put effort in areas that don't matter as much to her.

Your W has stated she's had some needs unmet by you and it's important for you to discover what really says love to her. Yes, at this moment, you might not have the chance to show her. Or, you might not be able to show this love on a husband level, only on a friend level. But be patient and over time more opportunities will arise.

It's much easier for us to encourage you to be patient, much more difficult to put into place, right? But it is patience and staying steady with your goals that will move you forward. I hope the best for you as you hold tight to your goals and wish for you much wisdom as you adjust your behavior to heal your M!
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