hi julio,

I know how you feel. It kills me inside when I see my kids school functions or when I see them in old photos. They've grown so much in just one year. The other night my H stared at each one of them and was mesmerized. He said he couldn't believe how much they've grown. He even said he can't believe how much he's missed out on..................HELLO!!! wake up call? My son will be 9 this year. He's the oldest and he's taken it pretty hard. My H was his best buddy and he's missed out on his dad this long. I can only pray that I've taught my son to not give up on anyone or anything. Never blame anyone (he's gotten angry over his dad leaving) and never ever hate anyone. Inside I just wanted to scream for all the crap that I've been through with my H but I realize it's not all his fault for leaving.

me = 34
H = 35
kids = 3
worst day of my life: march 24, 2006
he filed: april 20
Present day: Wedding ring on, he's looking forward to another baby, taking day by day, we talk about our feelings whenever possible.