From elwood


I'm not the one to really give advice, but listen from a man who threw it all away because he wanted things back too quick. She is on her own time table. Do not ever bring up divorce or getting back together. You must rebuild a trusting friendship, and it will take time. Do not push or pressure, because that will drive her away. Be good and nice and understanding. From time to time ask her out, movie, dancing, dinner, but do not push. What time you spend together enjoy it, make the most of it and take it for what it is. Get out of the dumps, be happy, be strong, show her that you don't need her to cling to, but that you do like her company. Treat her like she really matters, but don't do it so it looks like your kissing her ass. Do small things without being told. She will probably not let you know that she knows you did them, but she will in time come to understand that you do care for her deeply and she will, hopefully look at you the way she use to.


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