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The problem with advise on "should I contact her more or wait until she contacts me?" is ... its different for each sitch. It all depends on the issues that brought you here and what you find works for you. It really trial & error and monitor closely to she how close you've come to what works best.

Since in my case one of the major factors for her to WA was because I didn't pay enough attention to her, so I would be the first to suggest doing something together acting "as-if" she would say yes, but would always have a back up plan. If she hesitatied or said no, I say no problem then I will then go do (plan B) and you're welcome to join me. If she still wasn't interested, then I would pleasantly excuse myself and go do my thing. After a while, I started getting calls at work from her, asking if I would want to meet up with her after work.

Try different variants of contact vs no contact to strike upon the right equation that works for you.

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