From KentS..........

How do you act as if you are moving on and still work on your marriage???
You don't!

Moving forward is different to me than moving on. Did your H say he wanted to work on the M?

If not, You are probably entering the pre-rebuilding phase where the WAS has calmed down and is questioning their choices. You are probably a bit more calm (centered) yourself as well.

In this phase you need to focus on remaining calm and experiment with different ways of dealing with H, especially when his resentment flares up.

You act as-if by showing that you are going to be happy regardless of his choices. You show strength by finding some new activities/friends that are aside from H. You start going out some alone. You act as-if you still want the M to work by your actions not your words.

If i'm off-base on where you are at, say so.

If and when your H says he wants to work on the M, alot changes.



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