DB'ers/KLA Crew:

Tape Six of Michele's KEEPING LOVE ALIVE series outlines why divorce is NOT the answer! I would like to share it with you.


««««Couple don't divorce - families do!!

««««Children of divorcees reveal, "My parents' divorce is an emptiness that never goes away. Like a hole in my heart."

««««Too many people are pointing the blame at somebody else.

««««Getting rid of your spouse will not put an end in the hopeless sadness and pain. At the end of the day, you'll probably miss your partner. Or if you have children, you'll need to compromise on things, plus there's family gatherings. You'll never really get rid of the other.

««««Walk-Aways Wives assume that their Hs are to blame for the lack in their own lives - as individuals.

««««Your partner wasn't making you unhappy. The truth is, the way you were interacting was making you unhappy. (So you need to make a concerted effort to stop the bad habits, or you'll repeat the same mistakes next time! You will have to change. So why not try it out now - while you have a marriage!)

««««All relationships have conflicts.

««««If you decide to remary or venture in a new relationship, you're trading a set of annoying habits for a new one. No one's perfect.

««««Being single is not the joyride. There is fear of rejection, fear of STDs. Also struggles on trust issues.

««««As Michele reveals, "Women after age 30 are less likely than men to remarry. Men, on the other hand, are marrying younger women." Therefore, there exists a shortage of available, single people who are above the age of 30.