The Marriage Breakthrough Video Seminar

Transform your marriage in just six hours

Several times each year, I offer couples a down-to-earth, psychobabble-free skill-building seminar- The Marriage Breakthrough™-that changes their lives. At each seminar, couples ask me, “Why can’t you come home with us?” or “It would be great to have you as our personal coach, at home, when we need you.” Finally, I decided to do something that would make bringing my marriage-enriching advice home a reality. With a crew of nine- producer, cameramen, lighting and sound experts- we captured The marriage Breakthrough on tape. Now, you can attend this information-filled seminar in the privacy of your own home, at your convenience!

Who is The Marriage Breakthrough™ Video Seminar for?

This program is for you if:

1.You want to feel closer and more connected to your spouse
2.You want to save your marriage from the brink of divorce
3.You want to convince your spouse that your marriage is worth saving
4.You simply want to learn how to have a loving, lasting relationship

As many of you know, I have made it my life’s passion to help couples strengthen their marriages. from the many couples in my practice, I have learned what works and what doesn’t. The Marriage Breakthrough™ Seminar is filled with skill-building information that can help you make your relationship more loving. One of the real benefits of this seminar is its powerful message about the importance of working things out rather than getting out.

If you have been feeling desperate about your rocky relationship and your efforts to improve things have only pushed your spouse away, if you have been wishing that someone who knows about the pitfalls of divorce could talk sense to your spouse, don’t wait another day. Ask your spouse to do you one favor. Pop in this video and let me share what I know about why divorce doesn’t work and why marriages are worth saving. Shortly after the tape starts rolling, you will hear from a couple whose marriage was nearly over and how they rekindled their love using the skills I teach in the seminar. Then, learn the skills you need to make this happen in your own marriage. As you listen to couples in the video discuss their issues you’ll learn that, no matter what kinds of problems you’re experiencing, you and your spouse are not alone and that there are solutions waiting to be discovered.

Still wondering whether this program will benefit you?

Here are some things to consider:

Do you or your spouse feel that your relationship seems to take a back seat to everything else?
Has your spouse have "fallen out of love" with you?
Are you or your spouse feeling hopeless and considering separation or divorce?
Do you keep arguing about the same old subjects- money, sex, children, in-laws, housework, trust and so on- in a hurtful manner?
Do you feel angry, resentful, and taken for granted much of the time?
Do you wish your spouse would try to understand your point of view?
Do you or your spouse having a hard time letting go of the past?
Do you lead fairly separate lives and feel lonely?
Are you trying to reconcile after divorce?

But what if my spouse won’t watch this seminar?

It is often the case that one spouse is more motivated than the other to work on a marriage. This is normal. The tools taught in this video seminar are designed to be effective even if you watch alone. So, if your spouse refuses to join you, don't be discouraged, watch it alone anyway. You'll learn new methods for getting through to your spouse and starting a solution avalanche.

The Marriage Breakthrough™ Video Seminar includes:

-Four VHS video tapes which capture the full content of my day-long live marriage enrichment/divorce prevention seminar for couples, approximately six hours of content
-12 page booklet containing seminar outline and exercises that you and your spouse can complete to fully participate in the seminar.

Tell me more about the seminar

Let's face it. Falling in love is easy, staying in love is another matter. It's downright tough. And why shouldn't it be? We're not born knowing how to have successful relationships. Marriages don't come with instruction manuals. Marriage licenses are one of the few licenses people can get without an education. So how do you know what to do after we fall in love? We import the lessons about relationships that we learned as children into our marriages as adults. But many of us haven't had healthy role models. That's why we shoot from the hip, with lousy results. Having a great marriage isn't about choosing the right person, it's about doing the right things to keep love alive.

The good news is that research has taught us a great deal about what it takes to make love last. It takes skills, relationship skills. And the even better news is that these skills can be learned. You can learn how to communicate effectively. You can learn how to co-parent cooperatively. You can learn how to negotiate your differences about sex, money, in-laws, how free time is
spent, who does what around the house, how best to take care of your health and so on. You can learn how to fight fairly. You can even learn how to forgive your spouse for wrongdoings and let go of emotionally-damaging grudges.

But this is not to say that I don't understand the important role feelings play in relationships that work. In fact, I'm convinced that people won't practice the skills they learn unless their hearts are open. Therefore, throughout the skill-building day, I intersperse
engaging, inspiring, and humorous stories that touch people's hearts and breed a sense of forgiveness, acceptance and caring.

What people are saying about the seminar?

Below are comments taken directly off of our evaluation sheets that are completed at the end of the day. See for yourself how couples appreciate the learning that takes place in this one-day seminar.

"I thought we were at the point of 'too little, too late' - Now I know it’s not too late to re-open my heart.”

“Your seminar is terrific. I felt as if you had a video camera in our house !”

“Wonderful, thank you. Now I know we are not the only couple whose marriage changed when children came into our life. And now we know how to get our marriage back.”

“Thanks for giving us the positive fact that there are other solutions besides divorce. You gave us hope.”

“One of the most balanced approaches I have ever heard. Men and women both need to be celebrated. Both need to be listened to. Excellent seminar!"

“I learned that proactive solutions to anger, conflict and communication are within each of us.”

“This is the best seminar I’ve ever attended. Even my grouchy husband enjoyed it!'

“You have it nailed- working on solutions, not focusing on problems!”

"Your material is superb! Thanks!"

"Michele's style of communicating is extremely effective- fun, informative and gutsy!"

"Revolutionized my approach to people-helping" (Pastor)

Invest is a Marriage Breakthrough™ Video Seminar for a loved one- It will be a gift that lasts a lifetime!

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