Hi Roxanne!


This is a great site, with lots of helpful caring people, who are committed to finding solutions for their relationship problems. Most caring of all is Michele herself.

You can get more immediate help on the Newcomer's forum. For more in-depth help for your situation, look to Divorce Remedy or the Keeping Love Alive tapes (they are wonderful!). (To see how people use the Keeping Love Alive tapes and to get some ideas for your situation....check out the 2005 KLA tape forum....)

I can tell you right now some things that probably won't help and will most likely make your situation worse:

Crying, begging, pleading, saying I love you, and arguing your case.

Things that most likely WILL help are: taking excellent care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Being responsible, but not too predictable. Keeping yourself looking nice. Having fun, and smiling (I KNOW IT'S HARD AND SOUNDS RIDICULOUS, but a smiling face is sooooooo attractive).

Please keep reading for more advice, but I will say in the few minutes I have that, WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS, and you have a bank of solution information from your relationship experience.

Think about in the past......when you had more problem-free times.....what were you doing and what were you saying?

Do more of those things......

Love is PATIENT, love is KIND, LOVE never fails / DB since 2001