Anyone got any thoughts, comments, experience to relate?

My ex-fiance of two years broke up w/ me in the most terrible way. I found out later about the OW. After months and months of crying and pleading, I made a decision: I stopped calling, didn't return calls, wrote very short e-mails (when HE wrote), was mysterious when we talked, stopped having sex, started dating other people and appeared content with "something" in my life. He became so puzzled that started pursuing what was going on.
At first he would call more often (I always had to go and couldn't talk very much).
One day he picked me up at the airport (after coming back from overseas and responding his e-mails with very short paragraphs) and I was very quiet (not grumpy). That bothered him immensely. He kept asking questions about my life and what had happened while I was away. I wanted him to think that something had happened, and he did. He even asked if I met other people; if I went out with someone. My answer: "why do you want to know?"
Eventually, he started inviting me out. He tried kissing me one day. When I refused his advances, he ended up giving me one of his cars at the end of the day!
A few months later, he started offering for me to go live with him in another city where he got a good job. Less than a year later, he professed he couldn't stop thinking about me and couldn't find anyone like me.
And this was a man who broke up with me saying he would never like to see me again and that our relationship was a big mistake!

She is pursuing you. Let her! It's the first sign of the beggining of the chase.

Behave "as if" you are too busy to think about her, that you have too many things in mind, which could include another person.

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