My DB Coach recommanded the LRT. Mt W asked for a legal separation and began dating someone she met at work the very next day. I know for a fact the relationship turned physical within a couple of weeks.

I am on the west coast and she is on the east coast. I am in the military and one of her biggest complaints is the amount of time she is alone. (BTW - she had a PA the last time I deployed overseas) and I am sure that PA was the first in our 14 yrs of M. That PA was 2 yrs ago. Now the new OM!

I have stopped calling/persuing her and do not answer the phone every time she calls me. I usually wait and return the call later. She is now calling me, and often.

She sent me the "worksheet" for the legal separation agreement today. She got it from thr military legal assistance office. They will prepare the agreement for us at no charge - how freaking wonderful! There is a section on the "worksheet" that ask for the separation date and defines it as "the date the parties separated with the intent to never resume the marital relationship". It asks if the separation is to be premanent and intended to lead to divorce? Guess these folks want to make sure the involved parties don't come back and ask for paperwork to terminate the separation - that's just more work and a marriage certainly isn't worth reviving (reading between the lines).

I'm just wondering if the LRT going to affirm her belief that we should separate or just make things worse? I understand the LRT is mostly for me to GAL - and I'm slowly getting into that.

She called today and we talked about everything but the R for about an hour. Sounds like she is depressed. I am the only one who sounds up or positive. It was a very enjoyable conversation though - made her laugh a few times. She is asking lots of questions about what I'm doing everyday and weekends. She is also asking me questions like "do you think someone can be a functioning alcoholic? I it normal for someone to have 5 or 6 glasses of wine every night and that not be a problem? (sounds like she may be seeing this in her new OM - I got questions like that during her last A)

I haven't seen her in a month and doing that requires much planning (plane tickets,etc) and her agreement. Not sure how open she would be to scheduling time with me since OM is around.

It going to be hard for her to SEE any changes in me if we never see each other. She may see some during our conversations, but....

Anyone got any thoughts, comments, experience to relate?