amen fee.

I don't know why, but it seems when you read the book you want to immediately leap to the LRT. Desparation I suppose. But in so many sitches, LRT is more of the same. LRT is the epitome of ignoring you spouse, and if you haven't dealt with the issues that brought you to this point, haven't really considered how you could be better and made yourself such, LRT is just more same-old.

Sometimes the true "something different" is to actually talk to your spouse, and if you had done that even the week before you showed up here, or the week before the 'bomb', then you might not be here.

Now, I don't mean begging and pleading. I mean talking. Sharing. Being friendly. Finding out likes and dislikes. Non judgemental. Non controlling. Just talk, as you would to a newly met aquaintance.

Good post, fee. (as you see, I can't just bump either..... [Roll Eyes] )


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